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Strange Traditions RoundUp #167

Strange Traditions RoundUp by Liz Black

What a pleasure it has been reading everyone’s traditions, both personal and national ones. While I worried that we are losing too many traditions, it seems people are keeping up plenty of them, or even creating new ones for themselves and their families. 

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Bad Habits RoundUp ~ Spotlight #165

4Thoughts is very happy to welcome back the barefoot sub. Her task – to choose the roundup post for bad habits. We had a great turn out so I was very happy not to be choosing myself 😉 May...

Bad Habits RoundUp by the barefoot sub

It has been many months since I was last invited to do the 4 thoughts spotlight post. Understandably so as May and Posy do a wonderful job of showcasing the new talent in the blogging community. I was very pleased to be invited back to give my choices for this weeks roundup, until I saw the posts! There are so many, all incredible in their own way, and how on earth can I whittle them down to just 3? I always forget how difficult you all make it for those of us doing the choosing! But it wasn’t a chore at all, I enjoyed reading all of the posts this week, and here are my top 3.

May More’s post Sniffing Knickers, disconnection and survival is a fascinating one. I have to say I’m a little envious that she can keep hold of all of her goals in her mind, that is a level of organisation that I can only dream of! But what caught my attention was her admission of a particular bad habit- sniffing her knickers. As a semi regular gusset inhaler myself I was surprised to read her thoughts. And reading the comments it seems that this is a common, if not spoken about, way to bring comfort when the world is feeling overwhelming. In the sex blogging community at least!

“This may seem very odd but it made me remember who I was and helped me through a dark winter. I continued to do this, or sniffing my knickers, when times were tough. So I have returned to this pastime now and then over the last year.” Read More…

Kristan X’s post Bareback really got my blood pumping. I’m a big fan of bareback sex, cream pies and trails of pleasure escaping me, but as a mostly casual lover I don’t indulge in this type of risky behaviour. However, this story encapsulates the taboo that I crave perfectly, so I shall live vicariously through this tale.

“Not for safety, this rule, but for pleasure. She wants them to blink when she suggests it. She wants them to be hungry when they take her clothes off. She wants them to make that noise – that little grunt of desperate need – when she takes them, their unsheathed cock, and presses it into her cunt.” Read More…

And my final spotlight post is a hugely interesting read from The Dull Channel: Overcoming Social Media Addiction Part #1: The Problem with Distraction, Boredom and Thinking. He really made me think about my relationship with social media, and the dangers we face. As a slow thinker, I quite often feel overwhelmed by my news feeds, and miss the moments of boredom which unleash my creativity. This will be a post that I come back to again, with a cup of tea and some biscuits. As my children grow up and we watch the YouTubers, I see more of the “fast thinking” and over-stimulated behaviours on these channels. If I am not immune then my children are at even greater risk. So, thank you for giving me Food for Thought with your post!

“all these tidbits of information in our feeds are not immediately relevant to our life. That is the step where you need to be very honest. Do you really need to check reddit, scroll through Instagram or read the daily news? Take your time. Slow think about it. I bet your answer is a belated “no”. But we still spend energy on fast thinking through all of these images, feeds, news and game levels. And we are mentally exhausted from it.” Read More…

Recommended Reading ~ Because there were so many posts I was given permission to share an extra one with you. So my special mention goes to Posy, with her latest addition to Delphines school days. Chapter 14: Letters. A collaboration with Eve Ray. This story is fabulous, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. While it doesn’t tell us about Posy’s bad habits, this one handed read did inspire me to indulge in one of my own “bad habits”…

“Much as my quim throbbed, this was no moment to explore each other’s bodies. Knowing Miss Ranson spied from her study, however, made lust pound through my veins. I was giddy with desire”  Read More…

Thank you to barefoot for writing such a comprehensive bad habits roundup.

Please check out her blog and twitter account. Barefoot also hosts a fabulous meme, all about inspiring positive thoughts

The next prompt will be live tomorrow and is an exciting one from writer/blogger Kinky KatieDiscipline and Punishment.

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