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Mischief Prompt #176

Who is Mòrag?

I Halò agus fàilte! Is mise Mòrag.  Hi, I’m Morag, the author of Mòrag’s Musings; a blog where I share my views of sex, swinging, kink and my submission to Master C. My blog is really a stream of consciousness where I splurge out whatever is on my mind at the time and the posts are, more often than not inspired by the memes, like this one, that I participate in.

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Strange Traditions RoundUp #167

Strange Traditions RoundUp by Liz Black

What a pleasure it has been reading everyone’s traditions, both personal and national ones. While I worried that we are losing too many traditions, it seems people are keeping up plenty of them, or even creating new ones for themselves and their families. 

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