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from Food-4-Thought-Friday to Food-4-Thought

I feel it is important to respect origins, so with that in mind I have dedicated this page to the history of this meme .

It started way back in December 2015 by a someone many of you may know – Kilted Wookie. He co-hosted the meme on a blogger website with a friend.

The first prompt was all about Oral Sex and had three people linking. KW, Marie Rebel and Illicit-thoughts.

The meme took a break in July 2016 and returned in December 2018 with Kilted Wookie running the show solo. Although he didn’t have a high number of entries linking up there were a definite hard core of regulars.

The meme prided it self on sticking to a prompt and getting the writers to think before responding.

I have a special place in my heart for Kilted Wookie. Firstly, because he often shared images of himself in a kilt. And second because without knowing he inspired me to get involved with some of the memes. Not only that – he has told me on more than one occasion that I belong on his naughty list! So i wear that badge with pride 😉


Fast forward in history to this time last year. Kilted Wookie was making a few changes in his life but didn’t want the meme to simply disappear. He entrusted the site into my hands along with Floss Liddle.

From Food 4 Thought to 4Thoughts or Fiction

Floss and I made some changes including getting rid of the word Friday so the name became Food 4 Thought #F4Thought. Along the way we had a lot of fun. We also encouraged writers to enter fiction or images as well as personal thoughts and musings. But always sticking to the prompt.

The meme community grew somewhat and I introduced a spotlight post each week. This was chosen by Floss, me or another blogger. It was simply a way of highlighting one post from all the entries of that week and including a link to their blog on the F4T site.

As ever the clock continues to tick and Floss has her life to live. And who can blame her.

In her own words

Floss … DoesLife @_floss_84

Blog Adventure Update … I’ve had a few folks ask in my DM’s about whether or not I’m still helping out with Food4Thought, so thought I’d give a general update that I’m not. Just plodding along with my blog as when inspiration hits these days

Moving Forward

Now it is my turn to take the history baton and transfer the meme on to a subdomain of my site. I have taken this opportunity to change the format and include something I am passionate about – progressing new bloggers – keeping the tide flowing.

So lets have some fun. Check out the new format here

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