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Liberty RoundUp ~ Spotlight #155

I mentioned in a few tweets how good the posts were for this prompt and I meant it. Truly thought provoking, which I love as this is the thinking meme.

Liberty Roundup

Many of you wrote from the heart. It felt like you bared your souls with the honesty that was shinning through. And I have pondered over who to put in the spotlight.

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The Gaze in Sex or Kink Prompt #154

New Blogger exposed

CharlieX speaks- As someone with an interest in photography I like to read the theory around the subject. There’s a lot of theory centering around the meaning of photos, and obviously around the subject of any given photo. But there is also an area of theory that deals with the position of the viewer. For example, it’s possible for you as the viewer of a photo to adopt a new role just for the time you that you’re looking at the photo, because of what the photo contains and implies. This is something that greatly interests me.

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