green fairy


What is happiness? Is it a sunset over the sea that rips out your heart, as you know this will be the last one, or is it the smile of that girl with the pink hair, who comes up to you at the bar, and asks if you had a light for her cigarette? Of course you say yes, but you know there’s more to this.

It happened to me recently, in a dark underground bar, but let me explain.

I light a cigarette, and watch the world around me settle. I was on holiday in Provence, a load of my friends had pushed me onto the euro star, and forced me into coming down here.

The train came into a station and as I took off my headphones. I knew I was in love with a place for the first time, the light looked so different in this new world of dreams. In London the light is grey and suffocating. Here it felt like you could look at the sky and never see where it finished, and as I took out my Tom Ford sunglasses and put them on I knew I was going to love this part of the world. It’s not just the light. it’s the smells that hit you from the fresh lavender, to the feeling when you step off the train and feel the heat from the desert hitting you in the face.

We walked into the main square, and in minutes I had a drink in my hand I never had before, it was full of colour. I asked my best friend, Miles what it was, and he just laughed back at me.

“it’s called Pastis

We drank more, and as the day turned to night the surrounding sounds changed, from the rattle of insects to the sounds of a thousand birds. I looked up and the sky was black by so many swallows you couldn’t count them. We walked down another street and ended up in another bar, this time there was something different. Maybe a smell or something I couldn’t put my finger on. I lit my cigarette, and as I was about to put my lighter away, a stunning woman walked up to me, her perfume smelt of aniseed, her whole body seemed to say that she was not from this world. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She moved closer to me and I knew that I wanted to go to bed with her.

I brought her a drink, and as we talked she told me her name was Freia Green. She smiled back at me and asked quite out right if I wanted to fuck her. I didn’t know what to say. If I say no then this evening is over, which is the last thing I wanted, so of course I said, yes. She smiled, and ordered two shots of Absinthe. This drink was as green as her eyes that locked onto my soul I took the small golden glass and hit it back, in one second I felt connected to her.

We walked further into this cellar club and found that it had a dungeon. I could still not work her out, one moment she was all over me kissing my neck, licking my collar bone and moving her hands down to my nipples. She ripped my shirt off and found the whipping bench and attached me to it. A blindfold was put on me and in one movement I could not see her but I could still smell her.

As the whip hit me I was hers, I could feel her getting close to me, till one of her breasts was so close to my mouth. The large nipples stood out, all I could do was suck them, her milk tasted like the drink we had just drunk. I couldn’t get enough of them. As she untied me, and moved me over to a sofa she straddled me and poured more of that green liquid into my mouth,. I worried that people would notice but it was so dark and a cloud of smoke hid our every movement, she whispered one thing into my ear, ”I am the green fairy and I am going to fuck your brains out.”

She pulled herself on top of me and pushed my hard cock into her, and she bounced and bounced as though her whole life depended on me cuming inside her. Exploding into her, I always remember her scent as it reminded me of that green drink we both drank before all this happened.

I walked out of the bar, and somehow managed to wake up in my hotel room. It had been one of the best nights of my life. I learnt one thing then, but I really didn’t understand until my dad was laying dead in a hospital room from cancer, that every minute of our life is so precious.

Without knowing it we waste so much time we convince ourselves that we will make time to see our family, but we never do. We get so involved with life that we let the most important parts slip by. I have learnt that you should never do this, you never know how much time you have on this earth. So, I live life to the full and have no regrets or what ifs, that night was one of the best nights in my life, but there were loads more, like the day – I drank wine for the first time, or that first kiss that split open my heart.

All these splintered moments make up who I am and I wouldn’t change anything I have done for a moment. The trick is to work out who you are and what you want and once done, live your life, and never look back. That’s what I intend to do, This moment was the best of my life, but it was not the end of my life it was nearly the beginning…

green fairy
Green Fairy – Best Day Ever

Header image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

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  1. This was marvellously entertaining Alex moving so smoothly from reality to fantasy and back again. Like you, I find smells take me back to a moment or a person.
    I so wholeheartedly agree to your summation about not wasting life – none of us know how long there is left in the egg timer.

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