4Thoughts Meme is Contemplating

The last prompt of Best Day produced a select few amazing tales. I don’t want to do a round up as they were all brilliant but will link you to this one from Sir T about having sex in your twilight years.

This Meme is taking a Break

4thoughts meme has been around for a long time, under this name and also known as Food 4 Thought Friday, hosted by Kilted Wookie.

One of the rules of 4thoughts is that the writer can enter what they want, but it must stick to the prompt. So if the prompt is all about your favourite dinner, you can’t then write about the BDSM club you and your partner went to… Though it would be undeniable more entertaining. But having to write to prompt also means you have to dedicate your time to writing for this meme, rather than linking an article you were posting anyway, so sometimes the numbers dwindled. However, I liked the fact the writers couldn’t deviate from the prompt. It led to really excellent, thoughtful work. Which is why the meme was set up in the first place – to get people to think, and then write.

There are plenty of fab memes out there where they advise a prompt to inspire, but are happy for you to link words about anything. My favourite of these is Wicked Wednesday – it has been around for a long time and Marie knows what she is doing!

Other memes I like:

The Future of 4Thoughts

I am not a quitter – so when I say the meme is having a break, I can assure you it will be back when I have more time on my hands and energy in my energy bank. When you put time into a regular community project, like this, it can be dispiriting when the numbers are low. So I think a change is in order. I have some ideas and want to speak to a couple of people about it, but would be happy to receive input from anybody, particularly if you have linked to the meme before. You know where to find me…

Before I go I’d like to say it has been such a pleasure working with all the bloggers who have hosted prompts on this site or written guest posts for the meme. You can find the bloggers who have been involved in the sidebar, but I’d like to give particular shout-outs to:

  • Jenna Kirkpatrick
  • Kinky Katie
  • Sexland Alice
  • Mila
  • Morag
  • Scottish Lass
  • Susie Mace
  • Swirling Fire
  • Man called Alice

And many thanks to my guest authors:

  • Alex Gibbons
  • Elk Vilianni
  • GentleNewman

And those who wrote regularly 4Thoughts this year: Marie Rebelle, Charmer, Barefoot, Submissy, Posy Churchgate, Mrsk, Liz Black, Modesty, Sir T & Marsha Adams.

Find them all via their profile links throughout this site.

See you all in the New Year.

You can read my work on Sex Matters and on Medium.

Linked to Wicked Wednesday

Autumn/winter Break 4Thoughts

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10 thoughts on “4Thoughts Meme is Contemplating”

  1. I completely understand the need for a break. It’s a lot of work, running a meme and when I was running TMUT I started feeling like I couldn’t give participants my all anymore, and so took a step back. I’m glad you’re able to do what’s best for you too and when you feel ready to go at it again, I’ll make an effort to support you!

    1. Ah Bless you… I just need a breather – I have other things like Tantalizing Tales which takes up a lot of my time and I agree it is good to recognise when u do need a break

  2. Thank you very much for including me amongst so many frequent and regular bloggers. I can always relate but I have learned so much

    Enjoy your Hiatus
    Swirly πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’•

    1. Ah I feel u were very much part of 4thoughts. I have other projects atm Swirly – so I will benefit from a break here – and then have time to work out what the future holds 4thoughts x

  3. I am sorry to hear that you are taking a break but I totally understand the amount of work and the feeling of being so busy. I have always loved the meme and participated back when it was Kilted Wookie too. I liked having a prompt to stick to although because my blog is so D/s focussed sometimes I was hard and I did fall off a bit with the last few prompts.

    I think currently the general memes where you can add anything seem popular as people can link to more than one. Certainly I felt that Tell Me About become too specific for most and it is a lot of work when participation is low. Perhaps things will change in the future and, like you say, Wicked Wednesday has a prompt and is a great long standing meme.

    I look forward to seeing where you take this after your break as you always have such good ideas. Thanks for all your support and for everything you do for this community.

    Missy x

    1. thank you for commenting Missy – I feel positive about stopping 4thoughts for a while – breath – and then see what happens to it next year. And as u know i have ttales and blogable – so plenty to keep me busy and out of trouble!! lol

  4. It’s been a pleasant variation to write more thoughtful posts, and I love reading other people’s contributions and the guest posts.
    Taking a rest is no bad thing. Let’s see what the future brings to this meme May.

  5. It’s a good thing you prioritize yourself, May, and give the meme a good think-over. I know when you come back you will have brilliant plans for it, and I will be right here to support you again. Thank you for mentioning Wicked Wednesday and adding this to it πŸ™‚
    ~ Marie xox

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