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Superpower Roundup – Spotlight #182

Superpower Roundup – By Posy Churchgate

I asked if people had ever wished for a super-power. How would that turn their life around. I also encouraged any fiction which entertained a fantasy which involved a superhero and writers really stepped up!

Spotlight Posts ~ Superpower Roundup

The 7 entries were all on point but so very varied, I’m impressed by the different take everyone had on my prompt. It’s hard to narrow my selections down, but I can only pick 2.  My favourites are both fiction, although I learned a lot from the thought-provoking posts.

Real Virtual Dreamers by Alex Gibbons

In this world he has perfect blue eyes that have all the expensive extras man can buy. He knows every alleyway of his city and can hear the criminal scum coming from a mile away and as a man goes to steal his wallet – his no longer needed blind cane – connects with the man’s knuckles and makes a great sound.

Promotional Window Display by Marsha Adams

There’s a real gap in the market for a sexy superhero. You’d be very popular on Insta: you’re young, you’re beautiful, and your boob window is already doing great work for you. Can we make that bigger?”

The window? How much bigger?”

He holds his hands out as wide as my chest, then puts one flat on his desk and raises the other to my neck height. “About yay big?”

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Thanks to Posy

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The new prompt by me –Best day ever– will be out tomorrow. Then the meme will be taking a break for a while.

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