Superpower Prompt #182

Thank you to all who shared their work for the Narcissism prompt.  I usually have a separate post for the roundup but this week I am including it at the start of this post.

I am always startled at the fabulous content 4thoughts receives.

For the last prompt we only had six links, one being a fab guest post, and all of them being bang on the mark. 

Spotlight post for Narcissism prompt

I have chosen one of the six posts to showcase, and that is a deeply personal one from The barefoot sub. Not only do we learn of her experience of being involved with a narcissist, she also details a few techniques she uses that helps her and her family cope.

Keeping my side of the Street Clean by the barefoot sub

“I’m a fan of “keeping my side of the street clean”, a mantra that has helped me through a lot of the times when the children have thrown back nasty comments he’s made about me. It’s not their fault, as children they are entirely vulnerable to those manipulations. What they needed was a calm mum to guide them, not more anger being channelled through them.” READ MORE…

Prompt #182 Superpower by Posy Churchgate

Find Posy on her blog, on Twitter or over on Medium.

Posy asks…

  • Have you ever wished for a super-power? Could you turn your life around if you had x-ray eyes or the ability to turn invisible or to read minds?
  • If you’ve written some fiction or entertained a fantasy which involves a superhero – please share it with us.

As and big fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (about vampires) my desire to hear thoughts has waned a little. But I’m looking forward to reading all your entries my prompt “superpower or superhero” inspires.

Please write anything about the topic.

If you don’t have a blog and would like 4Thoughts to host your piece, please get in contact or DM @more_matters on Twitter.

Take time to read some of the other entries in the meme. Support your fellow blogger.

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