What is a superhero? Is it someone who dresses up in a mask and scares off the bad guys? Or is it someone who loves to dress in tight rubber and spank the living daylights out of her slave till he cums all over her boots?

To me, it’s not either of them. To me, is someone who gets up in the morning in this mad city we all live in without knowing that they are already dead. They only know they are alive when they jack into another world, a society where they can feel good about themselves – a virtual playground where they become the hero. In the world of placebo towers, anything is possible.

We wander into the office of Howard Caine.

In his normal world he is a security officer, but in this virtual plain he is a hard-boiled detective for hire. The superhero, who is not blind and fights off the bad guys who want to wrong this world. As he sips his first coffee and looks out of his window onto the same screen saver that never changes, he wonders who will come into his office today.

The choice of room scene and woman is completely up to him, depending on his mood and how many credits he has. Today, he’s chosen the Philip Marlo world. A woman in her late thirties walks in and sits on his desk. She describes her problems and what she wants from him, and in his own way he is already bored with her. He clicks his fingers, and she dissolves into a younger version of the woman with larger breasts and wearing skin tight rubber.

She smiles back at Howard, and bends over the desk. He follows suit, kisses her, and pushes her onto her back. With no interest he makes love to her, and as he moves to his climax the computer program does something he is not expecting – she takes hold of him and kisses him back. Smiling at him, and suddenly a large bulge grows in her lap. He smiles down at her, and she now bends him over and fucks him from behind. Howard can’t understand it, he did not program her to do this, but it is amazing, her massive cock hammers into him and all he can do is scream and enjoy it.

He leaves his office and walks down the streets of his city. In this world he has perfect blue eyes that have all the expensive extras man can buy. He knows every alleyway of his city and can hear the criminal scum coming from a mile away and as a man goes to steal his wallet – his no longer needed blind cane – connects with the man’s knuckles and makes a great sound. Then, his first kick connects with the muggers balls. He can feel all that training program kick in and knows that nobody will attack him ever again.

He walks on to his favourite club and can hear all the surrounding noises of all the fake working girls, who in real life are just teenage girls logged on in their posh bedrooms wanting to be something they are not.

Howard has chosen the one place he used to feel at home in the real world. The Babylon Heights fetish club. In his mind he chooses a different outfit, a long black leather coat with an old fashion pin striped suit underneath. He walks through the lobby and to him nothing has changed, those old smells are still there, and he wonders can he call up the old boss of this place. The menu options show that she is online now. He can just click on her mistress scarlet avatar and she will be there in front of him, splendid in a tight rubber catsuit, and those knee-high boots and a large whip.

“Good evening Mr Caine what are you looking for tonight, we were robbed and need a big hero to save us!”

He smiles back and is led into the main dungeon, where there is a superhero party going on, many different cos play characters, from a cat woman all the way down to the sandman. Howard is led over to a sofa and a form of Mistress Scarlet sits on him. She forces his face down to her boots and makes him lick them. Each lick is a digital impulse that heightens his spirit. Then, she bites him, and these feelings erupt his soul. Moving down to his cock she starts to suck him off, and each movement makes his brain think that he is alive again, all around him there are the fake smells of what would have been her perfume, and to him it is so real.

He can feel in his head that she is sucking harder and harder, and stroking his balls till he has no will power left, the only thing he can do is cum… In his mind’s eye he has exploded all over her, but before he can think more about it, she brings her whip down on him. He knows that the pain is not real, but the blood that starts to pump around his body feels so realistic to him. As she slaps his ass and gets him to count, all the sounds of the music are so bright to Howard. He’s in the moment, and as she gets to ten strokes he looks in the mirror and can see the red marks on his bum and can feel the impact – but how is that possible?

Walking away from the club doors he starts to go home, with lots of questions such as how is this so real? How will those marks be there tomorrow when he wakes up? Will he ever see her again? Will they ever make love? He hopes so… Will he fight off those guys again and find another victim he cares about?

In his office, he disconnects himself, but he knows he will choose the red pill, and go down that rabbit hole again.

Back to the real world

So – if you ask me what a superhero is to me, it is a person who goes the extra mile for his city, a person who has been through so much pain in life, that the only thing he can do is makeup for their pain through a selfish act, which will only feel good to him, by the act of handing out pain to people who deserve it.

The dream we all have is to have a superpower. With me in the dream land I always have full sight, but I would like a superpower where my eyes could see what you were thinking before you know you were doing that. I would probably use it at the casino to make lots of money and not get caught.

A superhero to me is someone who is disabled but does not make that the main part of his life or personality. They are so brave to get up every day, and get on with their life. The second superheros to me are the transgender generation. I do not know how they produce so much courage everyday, knowing that with the flip of the coin they may get abused and spat on for their life choices.

Living the life you want to have is a superpower. You don’t need to jump buildings or fight criminals in my mind to be a superhero, you just need to find your own superpower and be the best you can be in this short life.

Written 4 the prompt of Superhero on 4thoughts meme

Virtual dreamers - what's real
What’s real?

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  1. Wow Alex – your story was so vivid and well told. Already I’ll bet computers and virtual imaging sex toys can provide some of the experiences you imagined.
    I heartily agree with your sum ups – you’re so right. I’m pretty sure you qualify as a superhero – keep fighting the fight.

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