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Animals & Pets RoundUp ~ Spotlight #179

I simply adored your animal posts. They were all wonderful

I am such a softy and many of the stories had me in tears. Even the happy ones. I know… I need to get a grip!

Animals Pets Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

Dog – Woman’s Best Friend – by Mrs k

I am not going to say much about this except I love it. Great writing of course but a really wonderful animal story…

He followed me around for the entire day, ate from my hand and listened so well that I knew he must have a home. Being so well trained, I thought perhaps he was lost.


C is for Cats – by Charmer

I really enjoyed reading all about Charmer and Snake’s cats. And indeed they all sound very special…

She was terrified of people and we brought her into our house. Eventually she tolerated us. Simba was basically her mother, teaching her to clean herself…


Liz and her Cats – Socializing from the Heart – by Liz Blackx

Liz often chats to me about her cats so I was so glad she wrote a post about them. Not only that it is fascinating how she needed to socialize some of them. ..

Every day I went into the room where she was, I would speak soft words to her and get closer every day. Finally, she did emerge from under the bed. After that, I taught her how to lie on my lap…


I also have a photo recommendation for the animals pets roundup too. Check out Marie Rebelle’s post for the most beautiful cat image.

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I am happy to be inviting back some of the bloggers I featured over the last year for a second shot at hosting the meme. And this will be the second time for the wonderful Scottish Lass. Check out her last prompt here. The new one she has chosen is – Best Advice, received or given – and will be live tomorrow.

Thank you all for supporting this meme – May More xx

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