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Advice Roundup – Spotlight #180

Kink Advice Roundup – By Scottish Lass

I loved all the contributions to this prompt and how you guys are open about sharing your experiences.

Spotlight Posts ~ Advice Roundup

The Best and Worst Advice – By Submissy

Submissy gave us a fantastic, well-rounded post about advice for people new to BDSM. Her advice on communication being key is my biggest learn when I discovered kink. You have to be completely open with your partner and talk things through, as well as taking your time. There is no rush to try everything at once.

“While it can be really exciting to suddenly have the opportunity to explore this thing that you have thought about for so long, it is a good idea to take your time and let your dynamic find its feet.” READ MORE…

Advice for would be Kink Enthusiasts – By May More

May More’s post gave us a peek into her exciting sex life. How you don’t need expensive equipment to get started in bondage, and how taking things out of the bedroom can really make for an existing play time. As someone who lives near the countryside, I’ve made a note of how useful a 5 bar gate might be for a quick bondage session!

“Deciding you’re going to add some twists and turns to your sex life is just the beginning. Next, you should look into what equipment you might need and where you can purchase such items.?” READ MORE…

I Like BDSM. Now What? – By Liz BlackX

Liz BlackX gave us another great intro into BDSM with some important advice like find what works for you, not just copy other people’s fantasies. And again she touched upon the fact that there is no need to rush into everything, instead research, research find what you want to try and adapt it to work for you.

Don’t just absorb other people’s fantasies. Create your own scene in your head with what you would like to see happen. That’s how you uncover your real dreams.” READ MORE…

Over to May…

Thank you so much for returning, Scottish Lass.

Don’t forget to check out this wonderful bloggers work. Also find out more about her from this interview by Posy.

Reading Recommendation

I want to add a reading recommendation from Mrs Jones. If you have kids and are wondering how to approach the topic of sex/kink with them –  or what to do if they decide to approach you – then, this is a must-read.

The new prompt by me –Narcissism– will be out tomorrow.

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