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Bedroom Bloopers Roundup – Spotlight #178

Bedroom Bloopers Roundup by Mrs k – It’s always difficult to narrow down my choices for a round-up, but it becomes a bigger challenge when others are sharing moments of embarrassment or vulnerability. I applaud all who joined in this time to share their Bedroom Bloopers. Your candor is appreciated and helped instill more than a few laughs, and maybe a wince or two.

Even though there were only 9 posts this time around, I still choose to highlight 3, all for different reasons.

Spotlight Posts ~ Bedroom Bloopers Roundup

Holiday Sex Bedroom Blooper – May More

If you’ve ever read May’s work, you know she has a certain way with words that simply drags you in and makes you read to the very last line. This tale of a holiday with Mr. More is no exception. She explains in delicious detail the scene as it unfolds and the terror of having to experience the unexpected.

“He put his hands behind my head and forcefully began to thrust his cock as far as it would go into the warmth of my mouth. Tears came to the corners of my eyes. I particularly enjoy the vehemence of a face fuck. On this occasion, it was to be short-lived.” READ MORE…

What happens next will make you squirm. Whether in lust or dread, you’ll just have to read it and see.

Don’t Try this at Home – Morag’s Musings

In this comical read, Morag shares how not thinking before she leaps puts her in a bind, literally. When her hopes of surprising her Sir get the best of her, she’s left to the mercy of … the cat? All’s well that ends well though, as this story has a happy (or perhaps, enjoyable) ending.

“As the enormity of my predicament finally penetrated, I had one last, horrific thought: Where the fuck is the cat?” READ MORE…

No cats were harmed in the making of this story. I can’t say the same about Morag though.

Knock Knock – Missy

Missy starts this tale with something I know well, the presence of children- in this case, teenagers- in the home. This retelling shows that no matter how prepared you think you are, there is always the off chance that you’ll be interrupted. And sometimes those interruptions are worse than you can imagine.

“Without thinking I adopt that habit when in shock of repeating the statement as a question. ‘There is water pouring from the ceiling?’ I say. It feels like it takes an eternity, as I lay there naked, bum in the air, with the glass protruding from me and the wand sitting waiting as if some giant karaoke competition is about to kick off.”

I don’t think there was any singing this night…

Over to May…

Thank you Mrs k.

I do have to say some of the posts made me laugh out loud and I would recommend reading Mrs k’s  – it is simply hilarious…

When Mrs k first hosted a prompt on this site Posy posted an interview with her. Check it out here… or pop on over to Mrs k’s Twitter account.

The new prompt by me –pets and animals – will be out tomorrow.

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