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Bedroom Bloopers Prompt #178

Mrs K Back Again

I’m tickled to be co-hosting with the lovely May More on 4 Thoughts once more. Usually you can find me on my blog, hanging out on Twitter or on Medium with May 😉

4Thoughts Prompt Bedroom Bloopers

When I was asked to recommend a prompt, I was a bit stumped. And then, like it was meant to be, I walked into my bedroom, hip checking the door into the wall. That sent a framed picture onto my dresser, knocking over a line of sex toys and an open tube of lube, which ran over the sides onto the carpeted floor. While I cleaned that up, my kids came in, and of course wondered what I was doing. Oh… and what’s that clear stuff all over the place?

With my face in my palm, it came to me: Bedroom Bloopers.

Whether you plan your sexy encounters or just go with the flow, we’ve all had a time when it didn’t go the way we’d hoped.

Maybe your exuberant love making puts a hole in the wall; thunderous thrusts made your partner fall off the bed; or you slipped in the shower trying to master the moves of the Kama Sutra (yes, I’ve done all 3)!

Whatever it was, we know you have a story.

No matter if you laughed or cried, we want to hear about it.

Tell us about a time when a sexy encounter was thwarted by something not in the script.

  • How did you react?
  • Were there any long-term consequences?
  • Were you able to get back into the swing of things?
  • Don’t have a true telling to share with us? We love fiction too…

If you want to take part and don’t have a blog, contact May More.

Over to May…

Great prompt Mrs K – and loving having one of my partners in crime on 4thoughts again.

May More 😉

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