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Addiction RoundUp ~ Spotlight #177

Even though the prompt started out as that thing you can’t give up – Addiction seems to have been captured in most of your posts.

I try to vary the writers I pick in the roundup but I have to say there are a couple of you that WOW me every week. On to the addiction roundup…

Addiction Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

Cunnilingus – Techniques, Do’s, Don’ts and Attitude By Sir Thomas

This is such an amazingly comprehensive post about giving head! It is brilliant – a must read…

Also be aware of the variety or intensity and frequency of female orgasm. Some ladies will not come easily. Others only come once. There is a plateau state where a lady will shudder on the brink for some time. Mostly you will encounter clitoral orgasms, but deep vaginal orgasm typically from G-spot stimulation is something different.


A taste for things that come by Morag

Keeping on the oral sex theme. Some great writing from Morag regarding the importance of communication where any kind of oral sex is concerned.

For me, as a submissive woman, one of the things I love about sucking cock is the sense of “empowerment” it gives me. When I’m sucking a cock, it is me that is doing, not being done to; I am giving them pleasure, my talents and abilities are going to be the reason they come, and their load of cum in my mouth is my reward…


Addicted to Love ~ the truth about subfrenzy by Submissy

This is a amazingly informative post and a must read for new submissives, or if you just want to know exactly what subfrenzy is.

Essentially subfrenzy is an overwhelming and consuming desire to experience as much as you can in terms of kink as soon as possible. Sometimes this can be to the point of neglecting other things, such as safety. It is similar to that feeling you get at the start of a relationship…


Can’t go without recommending you read the poem featured in Dancer in Chains post. Powerful and real.

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