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Time travel RoundUp ~ Spotlight #175

I have to say I really loved all of your posts. The concept of Time Travel is such an interesting one – it really does bring out the best in creative and thought provoking writing. Now on to the time travel roundup…

I found it extremely difficult to choose, and TBH think I am still choosing as I write this…

Time Travel Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

If I could go Back by Dancer in Chains

All I can say is this post touched my heart. Written with such hindsight and feeling. I could not help but emphasis with the author. I’m sure you will too.

I would find myself back in your car, top down, cruising down the road with the wind in my hair and your hand on my thigh. You would smile, looking at me out of the corner of your eye as we embarked upon another adventure in search of dilapidated abandoned buildings to capture with your camera.

The Mystery of a Knight by Marie Rebelle

I was struck at what a simple yet clever story this is from Marie. And as many of you know I adore a tale that weaves a spell and then ends with twist or turn. This does all of that…

Where did the voice go? He only heard a rustling sound, almost like the wind through the leaves, but not quite. He wanted the voice back. Was the magic gone? Were the gods punishing him for his release? Xalvador shook the device, and pressed down on the buttons, hoping to get the voice back. Everything went quiet.

It’s a Kind of Magic Part 2 by Posy Churchgate

This is part two of a series about Fey Folk that Posy is creating. The way she weaves the magic and intricacies, as well as moving the story forward, very much impressed me. Looking forward to the third part.

He led her down a slight slope to a silver birch copse that was teeming with buttercups and sorrel. He looked over his shoulder to check that she was following. The dappled shade was pleasant, but quickly it got darker than she would have expected.

Recommended Reading

I have two stories for recommended reading – I could not choose between them and in general am a fan of both their fiction.

Jenna Kirkpatrick so often puts a smile on my face with her work. This story made me think as well as smile. Sex through the ages! What a topic. Read her fiction here... I mean I think it is fiction. It reads so well perhaps she understands more than I realise about time travel 😉

The second is from Mrs K who so often gets me thinking. This story did just that. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If only we knew what we know now – back then! Read her thought provoking fiction here…

Next Prompt

I am so looking forward to welcoming Morag to the meme. She writes wonderfully and has chosen a great prompt for you all to think about – Mischief. Live tomorrow.

Thank you all for supporting this meme – May More xx

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  1. It was a very inspiring topic – what a wide variety of ways people have chosen to fulfil the brief! I loved reading other people’s thoughts.

    I’m delighted you chose my fey story in your featured 3 and was as impressed as you by those pieces you chose to give a special mention

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