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Mischief Roundup – Spotlight #176

I was absolutely delighted when May asked me if, not only would I do a round up for a meme that I have followed and contributed to in all its various forms over the years, but to set the prompt for it as well.

Almost everyone who does this or any other round-up for the various memes we take part in comments on the fact that the thrill of being asked to do it is quickly replaced by the daunting task of having to actually choose three posts to highlight; it is definitely not an easy task. I did have the advantage of recently having done a Wicked Wednesday round-up, so at least I had a good idea of what was involved.

Spotlight Posts ~ Mischief Roundup

As always, the quality of the submissions was excellent; every single one was “definitely going on my shortlist” when I read them. After much deliberation, I finally managed to pick three but, damn me, you lot didn’t make it easy…

So, without further ado, and in no order at all, here are my picks…

Raised Spirits – Edward Thackeray’s Afterlife (part 2) – Posy Churchgate

This was so much fun. Naughty, licentious and packed full of spectral eroticism. I don’t usually go for “graveyard erotica” but this was different.

“Girls were emboldened to find pleasure alone. With delving fingers they rubbed shamelessly at dewy flesh on lonely nights. So when a real man pressed them urgently against a lichen covered tomb to fondle a curvy breast or ample buttock, they welcomed a knee-trembler.” READ MORE…

The voyeuristic pleasure that Edward’s spectral self took from the frantic trysts of lovers stealing moments and encounters together down through the ages is beautifully described and I’m dying (pun intended) to find out what this wicked ghost gets up to next.

Three’s Company – May More

Back in my student days, in the mid 1990s, I spent a long summer working in a beachside Taverna in Greece; both serving behind the bar and waiting on tables. Quite often, my evenings would be filled with experiences that weren’t too dissimilar from the kinds of things the Maria character in the story gets up to.

“Holding her hips he pounded her like he hadn’t fucked in a year. With each pump he pushed her forward and I impaled her throat with my cock. The action seemed to be happening to the rhythm of the music and I can’t be sure but it seemed as if Toby and I filled her up within seconds of each other.” READ MORE…

This brought back so many wonderfully delicious memories of that summer when my time off was spent either lying naked on the beach, soaking up the sun, or getting my various holes filled by whichever willing guy (or guys) took my fancy.

Modestly Cucking – Modesty Ablaze

This is a wonderfully personal piece. K opens up to how confessing to an affair opened up a new world of possibilities.

“I soon realised I was as excited as Hubby was in recounting the where’s, how’s and what’s of each nights encounter. And, even more unexpectedly, I actually found myself excited during the evening, knowing that I would be returning home and reliving every kiss and touch … and thrust!” READ MORE…

Like K, I am always required to recount my “transgressions”, giving Master C every lurid detail in order that He can determine the suitable punishment for my actions. It seems, from K’s telling, that, while their approaches may be different, her husband enjoys such descriptions from her just as much as Master C does from me.

I truly enjoyed reading all the submissions for this prompt and, once again, I loved learning some new things about some of my fellow bloggers. I thank each of you for making this a fabulously difficult process.

Take care, and stay safe,


Over to May…

Morag is spot on –    all the posts for this prompt were excellent… Don’t forget to check out Morag’s blog and Twitter account – you won’t be disappointed. Also an in depth interview with her over on Posy’s blog.

The new prompt by me –that thing you can’t give up – will be out tomorrow.

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  1. I am so flattered and delighted that this part of my graveyard story was one of the picks, I hoped weaving the historical details into my saucy story would pique people’s interest.
    Well done to all the others, great quality submissions for sure, and a very inspiring prompt.

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