Mischief Prompt #176

Who is Mòrag?

I Halò agus fàilte! Is mise Mòrag.  Hi, I’m Morag, the author of Mòrag’s Musings; a blog where I share my views of sex, swinging, kink and my submission to Master C. My blog is really a stream of consciousness where I splurge out whatever is on my mind at the time and the posts are, more often than not inspired by the memes, like this one, that I participate in.

I’ve always had an open and relaxed attitude to enjoying sex and my sexuality. The exploration of kink and, in particular, D/s through my submission to Master C has added several extra layers to my sexual personality.

Prompt #176 ~ Mischief

Growing up, I was often referred to as being “a right wee mischief.” I wasn’t particularly badly behaved in an real sense, but I was always up to some sort of pranking and generally “acting the goat” that would get me into bother with my elders. As I moved into my teens the scope for the types of mischief I could get into broadened, and I did pretty much all of the experimentation with things, including sex, that teenagers do. As an adult with a predilection for the feel of Master C’s hand or belt on my backside, my tendency for mischief has only grown


For inspiration purposes, consider the following questions:

  • Growing up, were you particularly mischievous? Did you regularly get into trouble for doing things you really shouldn’t have?
  • What kind of things do you consider to be especially mischievous?
  • Have you grown more or less mischievous as you’ve got older?
  • Do you make time for mischief, either in your sex life or wider life?

Alternatively, using the prompt to inspire tell a story where mischief is central. Is the hero/heroine mischievous, or does some particular mischief befall them? Does their mischief get discovered and if so, how is it punished?

I’m looking forward to reading what this prompt inspires, and maybe getting some ideas for more mischief of my own that I can share in future posts.

If you want to take part and don’t have a blog, contact May More.

Over to May…

Oh my! Great prompt… Let’s learn how mischievous you are in general or sexually, and of course fiction welcome too. May More 😉

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  1. I should maybe point out that my blog is actually my musings on “sex, swinging, kink and my submission”. There is definitely no singing involved, and if you’ve ever heard me attempt it, you’ll know why… 😂

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