Desire Prompt #173

There were some really thought provoking posts – even those that were designed as fiction – in the last prompt of Social Media by Swirly. Thank you to all who shared their work. You can find the spotlight posts here…

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Prompt #173 Desire

  • Desire: A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Personally, I think when you feel desire then you know it. It is an unmistakable, overwhelming feeling. Also, desire is not always sexual. It often goes far deeper than that,

Difference between Longing and Desire…

Remember – Desire creates a fire inside you – different from longing which sometimes gives you more of a helpless feeling. When you desire something you are going to go out of you way to get it. When you long for something you understand you may never get the thing you long for…

Just One

I only have one question for you and it is a biggey…

  • I want you to dig deep. Think about anytime in your life when you have desired something or someone so badly that it literally hurt…

Bare your soul!

Wicked Wednesday’s prompt for the first half of the DESIRE period is pleasure – you may be able to double up 😉

Please write musings of fiction…

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Zara from Risqueviews is up next from the 16th May with a fascinating topic – The orgasm gap.

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      1. I managed to come up with a poem May! I have scheduled it to be published on Wednesday. I am laughing because it was inspired by a Bananarama song a friend played to me on her phone.

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