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Tricks RoundUp ~ Spotlight #171

This prompt inspired some intriguing posts, fact and fiction. Read all of them here. Now on to the Tricks Roundup…

There were three that stood out for me. Here they are…

Tricks Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

No Pants Endurance ~ A Hostel Take-Offer

NPE provides such fabulous entertainment with his posts, videos and images. Not only that they are always cleverly done. A smarty no-pants! Here we have photos that I guarantee will make you smile.

Man I hope this dorm room isn’t full of freaks and weirdos or just a bunch of dicks!

Marie Rebelle ~ Spanking Good April Fool

This is one hot piece of fiction. And if that isn’t reason enough to read it, well, apparently this trick is based on something that actually happened.

Inwardly she chuckles when she sees the surprise in his eyes. Surprise he quickly conceals again. Mia knows he will be watching her every move until after the first of April, but she has her plans ready.

Mrs k ~ A True Tale of Trickery

This really reads like fiction but it is clear the event actually happened to Mrs k. Blindfolds you see… They seem harmless but a whole different world can be going on while you are left in the dark!

Grabbing a blindfold, he stood directly before me and slipped it over my head. The blackness took over, and I felt myself relax. Any further anxiety melted away as his hands gently caressed my arms and neck.


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The next prompt from Swirly – is social media. The post will be published in the morning and both Swirly and I are very much looking forward to your thoughts on this topic.

Thank you all for supporting this meme – May More xx

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