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Social Media Roundup – Spotlight #172

Social Media RoundUp by Swirling Fire

I was surprised May approached me to host a prompt. My online relationships and interactions have not always been a positive scroll. Many readers are oblivious to the real characters behind the “Sweet, Saccharine, Sleepy eyed #BeKind” posts, tweets & blogs. I wish I was blissfully ignorant at times. 

Love it or hate it, we all have opinions with our online presence, so I was Interested to read the entries, if indeed, any were submitted.

The full range of thoughts, emotions and connection to others made it a very interesting week, picking any top spot is a tough ask.

I have, in new Swirly Style, returned to basics & listened to my gut for this Social Media Roundup.

Top Post – Joint Podium Position

Wake Up Call ~ Marsha Writes – Ode in Homage to Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 

Marsha Adams – An educated, articulate, well read  blogger that consistently produces thought provoking pieces.  Many Period Costume Dramas and films have made this piece a welcome addition to a topical, modern day phenomenon  – “The Phuque Boi”

“…As lusty Twitter DMs fell under the glare of hazel eyes saying, “I have hid my feelings, fearing they should do me wrong”;
Saying, “Dost thou like it roughly?” saying, “Look, my dick is long…”  READ MORE…

The ability and agility of Victorian syntax was a perfect combination of past & present. The Arrogant Opportunist & The Charmer are alive, robust, light of mutton chops and slithering across timelines & into our private messages.

Joint Top Post 

Instagram Queen ~ Jenna Kirkpatrick of Raspberry Ripple Blog

A fairly new addition to my WP reader. This was a departure from their usual pieces.  Jenna writes predominantly from the heart, her passion for music entwined with sexy stories, her real life, with and sometimes without her daily life partner. I’ve enjoyed this piece, it is very much my sense of humour and without spoiling the content, a tale of phone apps and body image issues.

“…After revealing too much nipple, from Twitter she was blocked

To view her risque Instagram pictures, tens of thousands flocked…” READ MORE…

I’m personally drawn to poetry and prose as it resonates with my current personal writing style.

Joint Runners Up

Social Media – Some thoughts  ~ Deviant Succubus

Devie has consistently blogged for all platforms, prompt meme and media. A strong, vibrant, beautiful young woman with  a strong affinity for normalizing “mental health issues”.  Bold, ethically brazen, artistic, extremely well educated within many disciplines of MH sectors.

Reading her piece was similar to listening to a university lecturer. Devie has a way of immediately engaging her reader from an interesting & Informative point of view . I chose this piece because I learned so much of how interpersonal skills are so important in all aspects of life. 

“Do you remember the good old times when social media wasn’t invented yet? When our social interactions were limited to the people we actually knew from real life, people we had met? I don’t know if those times were better or worse. They were different. It was easier to have actual conversations, and we had to learn to deal with difficult people. “ READ MORE…

Devie’s other post this week – A Nuanced Perspective on Platitudes? -I urge you to read this blog and share it far and wide. 

Joint Runner Up

 Navigating Social Media – The Barefoot Sub

A fairly new find (for me), this site is a good mixture of something for everyone to tickle the tastebuds. Barefoot is a rope fan, something I’ve never tried. The thought of suspension definitely interested me.

This retrospective post shows the balance of being multi dimensional whilst remaining authentic.

“….It isn’t opinions of others that affect me, when they are the opposite to mine, though the way these are voiced can often make me cross. It is a great way to start conversation, in no small part because I am genuinely fascinated by people and the way we all see the world so differently. I don’t enjoy the bitching and the back-biting, and (what often feels like) people shouting for the sake of scoring points…” READ MORE…

Swirly – Social Media RoundUp – 30 April 2021

Thank you to Swirly – Don’t forget to check out her space on Melody’s blog and her personal Twitter account – It certainly gives you food for thought… Not to mention a fab interview with Swirly here

The new prompt by meDesire – will be out tomorrow.

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