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Social Media Prompt #172

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Prompt #172 Social Media

I was asked to submit my thoughts regarding social media but each time I pull my words together, it becomes a cathartic purge & not suitable for publishing!

After all, it is a topic which receives mixed reactions. Certainly food for thought…

How do you view/carry out you own social media interaction? Do you portray a real life extension of your real self on  media platforms? Or perhaps it’s a place where you play out your alter ego or a full character masquerade?

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More Questions

Here are some further questions for you to ponder over:

  • Have you been attacked on social media?
  • How did you respond and what did you learn?

  • Have you met people online who switch allegiances on the flip of a coin?
  • Did they then ghost you? Or maybe they apologised for their behaviour?

  • Have you been “outed” or harassed. Which platform?
  • Why was that and what did you do about it?

If you don’t want to tackle the questions please write anything about social media… I am very much looking forward to reading your views.

If you want to take part, and don’t have a blog site, contact May More to host your entry.

Over to May…

This is such an interesting prompt. Swirly and I were discussing how media platforms  can be a blessing in these times – but also a curse.

May More 😉

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