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Pen Name RoundUp ~ Spotlight #169

When I chose this prompt I knew we would get some fascinating posts and I wasn’t wrong.

The hows and whys of arriving at your nom de plume, that many of you feel suits you more than your real name, made for very interesting reading.

I have chosen three very different entries in this spotlight post, plus an extremely cheeky article for recommended reading. Here is the Pen name Roundup…

Pen Name Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

Elk Vilianni ~ Being Elk Vilianni

What an intriguing read this was. It really made me think about the play on words that help us to mystify the reader. Elk does this brilliantly here and by the end they had my head spinning wondering who Elk Vilianni actually is…

I have a keen urge to want to let them know, ‘I’m not really Elk Vilianni!’ But, at the same time, I don’t feel ready to give her up. I’ve found that I rather like being Elk Vilianni..

Zara Risque ~ Pen Names and Privacy

This post delves deeper into why many of us choose pen names and what can happen if our anonymity is deliberately, and disrespectfully exposed.

there’s reasons why we have these pen names and reasons we don’t share the name of our blogs with people we know. Because not only does it put us at risk it takes away our freedom of speech and ability to express ourselves without being judged by people in real life

Jenna Kirkpatrick ~ Nom De Plume

This story made me smile and really showed Jenna’s playful side. A princess who decides she needs a nom de plume to enable her to write an erotic novel. Fabulous!

Before she turned back to the Palace, an animated scene distracted the Princess. She rested her eyes on the agitated gardener who was clearly furious with the younger man he was speaking to. Contemptuously, she called out to her security guard in a voice loud enough to terrify the two gardeners, “Ascertain the names of the two men arguing and report back to me in my salon.”


Reading Recommendation

I have a very cheeky recommendation for you as it is one of my own posts and the title is a call to action – Passionate about Fiction? Read on…

It promotes two fiction projects that writers and bloggers can join in with. But hurry as one of them – The Fiction Marathon – is a competition and the entries are only open until the 19th March…

Next Prompt

I am really excited about the new prompt from Susie Mace – on the 16th – Exposed. The different ways we can be exposed, through our own choice or inadvertently. Susie will be sharing some great images too…

Thank you all for supporting this meme – May More xx

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