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Exposed Roundup – Spotlight #170

Exposed RoundUp by Susie Mace

Well, you have all exposed yourself with the appropriate lack of reservation! I anticipated nothing less and you have all exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your honesty, your stimulating lack of modesty and your amazing ability to excite! Its been a huge privilege to have been able to bring you this Exposed Prompt and I have learnt so much from reading your words and seeing how your work comes together. Thank you for Exposing yourselves.

Choosing three favourites, when presented with such a good number of experienced and talented bloggers, was quite a challenge. 

So to my favourite three in no particular order…

Spotlight Posts ~ Exposed Roundup

Being Exposed is my Kink by Submissy

Submissy offers an insightful exploration of how her submission exposes a part of herself that she had ‘never known’.

 Submissy says –  “It became less about the physical and more about the cerebral. Basically, it is about him taking control of my head, and with that, the rest follows… I discovered a part of myself that I had never known and always feared to be… Although there is pain and discomfort in being exposed in this way there is pleasure as well.” READ MORE…

Submissy writes in a very honest  and engaging way about the way that her submission exposes her to herself and her Dominant. 

Worlds Collide by Corrupting Mrs Jones 

Exposing a gift for delicious kink fiction or fantasy is Mrs Jones. Fearing exposure through an encounter with a  former play partner is the basis for an exciting glimpse into the psyche of the writer as a former play partner arrives at Teacher Suzie’s parent teacher evening.

 From the outset,  Mrs Jones lines are breathtaking..

“As she walked past her wardrobe Suzie caught a glimpse of her ass. The bruises from two nights ago had faded a little. Their bright redness now a sullen purple with yellow tinges around the edge.”

 Susie’s fears of meeting a play partner in daily life are made real…

“Every glance at those hands, folded neatly sent another jet of wetness to her panties. Against her seat her ass twitched, remembering the sting of his palm.” READ MORE…

Exposed by Marriage Sex and More

I was really pleased to read this confident and care free post from a couple who clearly enjoy exposing themselves. Marriage Sex and More have ‘kept things fresh’ through making pictures and sharing accounts of their sex life. This couple make some brilliant monochrome pictures and share steamy revelations about their time together. 

“Our exposure in pictures has surely been an act of exhibitionism rather than subservience or humiliation. We’re just having a good time. Of course, being a couple of 50 year olds I’m sure there are some who see us as humiliating our selves…” READ MORE...

Note from me to you both… You are not humiliating yourselves! Your pictures are hot!

Thank you, all of you and a huge thank you to May More for offering me this fantastic opportunity and to Posy Churchgate for my very first interview. I hope you have all enjoyed being Exposed and I promise I will carry on Exposing myself in words and images

Thank you to Susie – There were some really interesting posts for this prompt and Susie made some great choices for the exposed roundup. Don’t forget to check out his blog and Twitter account – you won’t be disappointed.

The new prompt by me –Tricks – will be out tomorrow.

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