Exposed Prompt #170

Who is Susie Mace?

I am 53 and a submissive who has been affected by low self esteem. To some extent, Submission has been an escape from feeling worthless and, at times, unloved.

I regard myself as bi-curious and find submitting to men makes the submission seem, somehow more humiliating. Submitting to the right woman has always felt like the big dream and although that has happened, it hasnโ€™t worked out in the longer term.

I grew up in the countryside in Somerset, UK and I remember being able to run free in the woods and fields nearby. I enjoy writing and photography. You can find my blog here… 

I was a burlesque photographer and have also worked as a photographer in healthcare. My writing and photography explore submission, fetish, cross dressing, exhibitionism and escape. I write fiction, poetry and reflective pieces on submissive life.

Prompt #170 Exposed

Social media makes it so easy to expose ourselves. The extent to which we reveal ourselves and, whether we are doing it for someone else, complicates the act and creates a feast for the voyeur or an act of compliance or tease.

We can be exposed, through our own choice or inadvertently, in many ways. For me, I am exposed because I choose to share photographs and experiences or, sometimes because I am ordered to share photographs of myself by dominant men. I might share these solely with the dominant or share them on Twitter, my blog or on Fetlife. Being exposed in this way gives me a release through being controlled, humiliated and degraded.

Questions to get you thinking…

  • Have you exposed yourselves in word or picture and did you chose to do so, as an act of exhibitionism or subservience to anotherโ€™s will, or perhaps as an act of self humiliation?
  • What was behind your act of exposure? Was it something you did of your own volition or were you told to do it?
  • How did it leave you feeling? Excited perhaps? Guilty? Horny or perhaps, sadly; in some way compromised?

I am really excited to have this opportunity to tease you into sharing how you were exposed. Perhaps you can share your thoughts and pictures? I promise to expose myself in return!


If you want to take part and donโ€™t have a blog, contact me or May More.

Over to May…

What a great prompt from Susie. I am also looking forward to your posts. Remember you can simply write about being exposed/humiliation in general, pen some fiction around the prompt or share some images. If the post is about being exposed then we want to read it. May More ๐Ÿ˜‰

Header image copyright – Susie Mace

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5 thoughts on “Exposed Prompt #170”

  1. I don’t know which direction to go in with this one. When I first saw the word “exposed” it reminded me of a boss I once had who seemed to think I needed to see his crown jewels on a regular basis. Then there was the time I walked into his office and he was watching a violent porn video. He was the CEO and owner of the company, so it was awkward – but I left within two weeks of starting my job there. I have no idea why I stayed so long to be honest.

    But I think this prompt is more asking for ways we personally have been exposed. I might go fiction with this one, because I cannot think of any specific personal accounts that would be interesting.

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