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Strange Traditions RoundUp #167

Strange Traditions RoundUp by Liz Black

What a pleasure it has been reading everyone’s traditions, both personal and national ones. While I worried that we are losing too many traditions, it seems people are keeping up plenty of them, or even creating new ones for themselves and their families. 

Here is my Strange Traditions RoundUp….

Spotlight Choices

I loved Posy’s post about witchcraft traditions. I definitely learned new facts from this post. It also struck me how similar the witch-hunts from the 17th century are to the current day cancel-culture hunts. In both situations, people are condemned for mostly innocuous acts, yet they lose their jobs or lives.

I was brought up with a curiosity about witchcraft. Not because I was the generation that grew up with Harry Potter… but because of where we lived – a region which famously had an outbreak of witch trials in the 17th Century. READ MORE…

I loved Mòrag’s post for a completely different reason: inspiration! I love that it’s based on a childhood tradition but then turned into an adult version. Also, I love the idea of a birthday spanking which gets more intense by the year. And Mòrag’s tale was very hot!

This x-rated version of the bumps involves two phases, and as you would probably expect, it also involves me, bare arsed, bent over and bracing myself for support. READ MORE…

Mrs Fever’s post was written in a similar vein. I loved the prose of this story, nearly poetic. And the description of how, oops, the dominant loses count and will have to start over again. The story made me smile, and that’s always a good thing.

Because I am evil wonderful, I quite often “lose track” of my count or have to re-do imperfect strikes when I am giving him his typical birthday spanking, READ MORE…

Thanks to everyone for sharing their traditions. Perhaps the situation isn’t as dire as I had made it out to be. We will adapt and construct new traditions where necessary. We’re still human after all.

Liz BlackX

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