Discipline & punishment roundup

Discipline & Punishment RoundUp #166

Discipline & Punishment RoundUp by Kinky Katie

Firstly, wow! It feels like such an honour and a treat to have so many talented people writing about a topic that really fascinates me. Thank you for all the amazing entries

It was wonderful to enjoy all the different ways the theme had been interpreted

So, here is my Discipline and Punishment Round Up….

Spotlight Choices

One – Life of a Kinky Wife – 7 Days of Sucking

This piece played to all my kinks and fantasies around punishments so, blushingly, I must confess, I found this a highly arousing read

It was beautifully written, created an erotic sense of his control – and impressed me with the use of the word ‘frenulum’ (who knew)!

You will need to bring me to climax each day for the next 7 days using only your mouth. Do you need a picture or do you understand that?”

…”but the real punishment will be that you can’t come. Not once for those 7 days” READ MORE…

Oh, bring it on!

Two – Morag’s Moist Musings – Guidance through Discipline

I really enjoyed Morag’s novel twist on how she views punishment

Punishment for me is a form of currency. I can have whatever I want, so long as I am willing to pay the appropriate ‘price’ for it” READ MORE…

She talks us through her mindset in determining whether the level of punishment is worth accepting for the particular transgression. Explaining how the punishment is about defining boundaries, not confining her

The punishment descriptions – from spanking and caning; to orgasm denial; to ‘having to wear’ the cum of other men; and more – are fascinating to read. Enjoy!

Three – Karen Glass – Lunch Date Chapter 4

Now, Karen was wonderfully sneaky. First off, she entered Lunch Date Chapter 3. It was a naughty, fun, frolic of a read. And it definitely left me wanting more

And then she entered Lunch Date Chapter 4. It gave me exactly what she had left me craving for!

There are many deliciously evocative phrases in there but this one especially resonated with me

You know how the sound of your voice, the sternness when giving orders, excites me and at time causes me to become dripping wet” READ MORE...

And then when he later retorts, “If you move or cry out, the stroke will not count”

Well, her wicked descriptions definitely left me wanting some strokes from that paddle!

A few more…

Thank you to all the entrants. There are many other wonderful reads…

I suggest you go and indulge yourselves in them all!

Katie x

I really enjoyed this prompt and hope you all did too. Don’t forget to check out Katie’s blog and her Twitter account – you won’t be disappointed.

Posy interviewed Katie and you can check that out here.

The new prompt by me – Personal Traditions – will be out tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the latter part of Februarypunishment when the fab writer/new blogger Sexland Alice takes the helm.

Thank you to Katie and bye for now – May More

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