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4thoughts meme ~ 2020 Statistics R U

This post is dedicated to Marie Rebelle and her meme Wicked Wednesday. I love statistics – even worked in a stats department for the government, once upon a time – and I adore how Marie manages to create fascinating posts full of numbers.

When 4Thoughts meme came over to a sub domain of mine 30 weeks 5 days ago I changed the name slightly and thought I could start a new. When the meme belonged to Kilted Wookie he kept his own stats, which I got behind on – so from now on I am going to attempt to follow Marie’s example and keep the facts and figures about you guys in an excel file. These statistics are all about you, so here goes with this years – 2020 Statistics R U…

NB: The meme allows a writer to enter more than one post for a prompt if they so wish.


How many prompts and links per prompt

  • Since the 31st May 2020 the meme has put out 14 prompts. #151 to #164. Half hosted by me, half by a new blogger. You can find all the bloggers who have hosted in the sidebar of the page.
  • The lowest number of links was 9 for prompt #161 – Lest we Forget by May More.
  • The highest number of links was 21 for prompt #164 – Stockings by a Man Called Alice of course 😉
  • The average (mean) number of entries has been 15.34.

Number of individual people who have entered the meme

  • A total of 50 different people have participated in the meme since it came over to this home.
  • 21 of those people have entered the meme 3 or more times.
  • Of the remaining 29 – nearly half of them (14) joined during the last 3 prompts.

Table showing all those who have linked 3 or more times

NameTimes linked
May More20
Marie Rebelle14
Mrs K12
Sass C11
Posy Churchgate10
Liz Black 9
Barefoot Sub9
Steeled Snake/Charmer6
Jenna Kirkpatrick9
Kinky Katie7
MlSlave Puppet6
Francesca Demonts6
Deviant Succubus5
Jae Lynn 5
Scottish Lass5
Mrs Jones5
Purples gem4
Swirling Fire3
His Lordship3


NB: For the roundup statistics I have included stats for those who were in the spotlight OR recommended by the person choosing the roundup.

Nobody has achieved a roundup mention more than 4 times.

3 bloggers were in the roundup 4 times and 5 bloggers were in the roundup 3 times 😉

Those who achieved 3 or 4 mentions

NameTimes made roundup
Liz Black4
Sass C4
Mrs K4
Deviant Succubus3
Barefoot Sub3
Jenna Kirkpatrick3
Steeled Snake Charmer3

If we change the way we look at the roundup stats and show the percentage of posts a person linked, that made the roundup…

NameNumber of posts linkedRoundup mentions% of posts in roundup
Liz Black9444.44%
Jae Lynn5240%
Mrs Jones5240%

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed compiling the 2020 statistics R U figures 😉

Thank you to all of you mentioned here and to those who just linked once or twice. I appreciate the support.

I’m gradually changing the name of the meme to 4Thoughts meme. I think most of you know I love to receive fiction entries so I can not see any reason to keep it in the title. The twitter hashtag can be #4thoughts_meme, #4thoughts_fiction or simply #4thoughts.

One last thing before I go – the current prompt is bad habits. Check it out

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  1. Love, love, love that you have done the stats, and that you are inspired to keep track in Excel too! Already looking forward to the stats of 2021 😉
    Here’s to a GOOD blogging year!
    ~ Marie xox

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