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Stockings RoundUp ~ Spotlight #164

Stockings RoundUp by A Man Called Alice

Firstly, thank you for all the entries. I have enjoyed reading them all and to get so many – 21 including mine –  over Christmas was phenomenal!

As expected there were many different experiences and pictures shared: some made me laugh and some made me think, but all were entertaining!

Here is my stockings roundup…

Spotlight Choices

One – Raspberry Ripples – Silk Stockings

I loved this piece. Heartfelt and very forthright. I felt turned on and shocked in equal measure. A real “coming of age” story which continues to have ramifications in the present. A real insight into the contradictions involved in the relationship. I’m glad you still have the silk stockings!

Thank you for sharing some real secrets with us.

And I loved the pictures: if there’s one thing more erotic than stockings, it’s ripped stockings!

Two – Kinky Katie – well she cheated a bit by entering two – so I will treat them as one

Consenting to Not Consent – CNC is a tricky subject, yet when done with love and respect it can be a highly erotic experience. I partly like this piece as the stocking in question is not being worn in its natural home! The story itself had my breath coming in gasps.

And then a list: The Twelve Wonders of Stockings. I do love a good list! A brilliant description of everything about stockings which perfectly encapsulates what we love about them!

Three – Submissy – The Fishnet Affair

I confess this one did make me giggle a little. I feel for you Submissy as you walked down that hall! Again, a coming of age story as your tastes and preferences have changed over the years. We can relate to every single scenario you describe. I hope that your love affair with fishnets of all varieties continues!

Recommended  by Alice

A special mention for Life of a Kinky Wife – Stockings and Other Hosiery: thank you for sharing all your amazing pictures of stockings of all varieties!

For a quick read, I recommend you read Lady Lewis – coloured tights for the simple joy of being an individual and wearing brightly patterned tights.

For a slightly longer read Posy Churchgate – Stockings and Knee Highs gives a wonderful description of how it feels to wear them and the effect it can have on “observers”.

I must now thank May for letting me host this prompt. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the submissions and am grateful to everyone for taking part. For the first few days, I was worried no one was going to take part, but to end up with 20 submissions (including my own – blatant plug) was fantastic and I have read all of them at least twice in order to come to my final choices.

A Happy New Year to you all!

Alice xx

What an amazing prompt and stockings roundup from Alice. It does not surprise me at all that this week we received out highest amount of links.

Please check out Alice’s blog and twitter account. His images are inspirational – well to me and many others 😉

Posy interviewed Alice and you can check that out here.

For now I will say happy new year. The new prompt by me – Bad Habits – will be out tomorrow and hopefully a statistics post will follow… Don’t you find at times real life gets in the way?

I am looking forward to the latter part of January when the fab writer/blogger Kinky Katie – one of Alice’s picks above – takes the helm.

But for now – I wish you all a healthy 2021… May More

Header image Alice!

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