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Longing RoundUp ~ Spotlight #163

This prompt was very popular with sixteen wonderful entries. Thank you to everyone who linked up.

I particularly liked how you all put a different spin on the topic. After all longing can mean so many different things.

I do have about six favourites but will try and stick to the rules. Here is the Longing Roundup…

Longing Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

Polly Cullen

This post from Polly really touched me deeply. It is a tribute her dad wrote regarding one of their dogs. I usually work with animals and am really missing the wonderful connection there is between humans and dogs in particular. By the end of this post I had tears in my eyes.

They say each man deserves one good dog in his life, and I believe in Lady I may have had mine. All I know is how much I still miss her.

Purple Sole

The thing that I am constantly impressed with about PS’s writing is the honesty that always comes through. Once again PS writes about all those little gems (my effort at a pun!) that really make you feel as if you are in the room with him – and Vixen the Reindeer. Yes, you heard it right!

I set up the room, with examination platform on the floor. I decided against wearing the white lab coat, if she is almost naked and I’m heating the room for her comfort then I am going to be sweating in a full length coat. But, I did have my favourite trousers and my Christmas tie on, to keep the theme going.

Jenna Kirkpatrick

It was Jenna’s post that inspired my own. I was really happy to read how she has become enthralled with nature and silence. And longs for a better world for all, where we feel connected to what is real and not what we are being sold.

I am longing for a better world. The saddest result of 2020 would be going back to being immersed in a fast paced greedy commercial world which makes life feel so empty and meaningless. I am longing for changes. I am longing for an ever stronger connection with nature and people


Reading Recommendations

I have two! Yes, I know I didn’t manage to completely follow the rules…

  • I really became immersed in this post from Crushed Caramel. She mentions various traumas she’s experienced, how she will always choose life and never stop longing for a better world.
  • One thing I love is learning new things and Charmer taught me a new word – Sehnsucht. Pop on over to her post to see what it means.

Christmas Prompt

I am really excited about the new prompt from A Man Called Alice – coming tomorrow. It will last until the end of the month and so is our Christmas topic. And a very apt one too – Stockings!. We want to see your stockings(or hold ups, fishnets etc) – hear about them and read your stories too.

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One thought on “Longing RoundUp ~ Spotlight #163”

  1. Wonderful to be chosen in the top 3 – so many great posts, both fact and fiction. I love dogs and it was wonderful to stumble across something my father had written – the sincerity and the affection in it seems to have touched others the way it did me.Thank you May.

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