Liberating Holdups for NewMan ~ Guest Post

This year I have made some fab new friends on Twitter.

One is GentleNewMan.

So over to him…

Liberating Holdups

Hi – You can find me on Twitter –Β #espresso #kink #switch and a glass half full sort of person

I tweet about my journey of discovery and liberation. Enjoying my established kinks and exploring new … let the pictures tell you all you need to know.

liberating holdups

liberating holdups

The final image is a little more explicit – Click if you want to view…

4thoughts liberating holdups
Stockings Prompt
Monochromerotic liberating holdups

10 thoughts on “Liberating Holdups for NewMan ~ Guest Post”

  1. Delicious images, if a little decadent. I love your content Gentle New Man – it’s been great interacting with you in recent months. Your journey is both fascinating and inspiring and I admire you for sharing it on Twitter-sphere

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