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Tickle RoundUp ~ Spotlight #162

Tickle Roundup by Jenna Kirkpatrick

Ben and I were delighted with the array of fabulous posts on the prompt theme of: TICKLE! I hope you all enjoyed the fun as much as we did. Choosing a top three is very difficult, when I enjoyed every post I read.

I absolutely loved the personal accounts from bloggers, but I think we felt drawn to the phenomenal creative talents on display this month.

Spotlight Choices

But I must choose a top three, so these are my picks:

First Pick

Our first pick is from Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) who besides having led a very very interesting life, is a real friendly guy. There’s something for everyone over at is blog. Rory has written some amazing poetry that encapsulates the spirit of “slap & tickle”. I loved his post “THE FIRST TIME TICKLE“. Check out his poem “OOH TICKLE ME DO!” for an incredibly energetic raucous poem rippling with both erotica and humour. Absolutely brilliant!

Second Pick

The second post I wanted to feature is from Gemma (Journey Of Self-Discovery). She has been writing an epic erotica series about a character called Karla. Gemma’s post “KARLA’S JOURNAL – CHERI” details Karla’s reunion with former cellmate Cheri, with whom she shared “nipple tweaking and tickling games to make Cheri gasp and giggle uncontrollably” (I have the same reaction as Cheri), and the result is much more than a fond reunion. Gemma’s writing is very hot and will certainly warm you up this winter!

Third Pick

My last…but by no means least choice is from Gentleman Dave (The Poet’s Kiss). Dave writes beautiful romantic dreamy sensual poetry and I am sure I am not the only blogger who would confess that his poems light a spark within and make us melt! He could tickle our fancy any day Gentleman Dave’s poem “A MORNING TO REMEMBER” captures a gorgeous erotic fantasy moment and I love to imagine how the rest of the morning went!

We loved reading your work! Until next time – CARRY ON TICKLING!!!

Jenna Kirkpatrick from Raspberry Ripples

Many thanks to Jenna (and Ben) for choosing the Tickle prompt and indeed this roundup. I (May More) really enjoyed meeting some bloggers who are new to me. Check out the roundup and make some new friends 😉

Have a read of Jenna’s amazing interview from Posy.

Reading recommendation from May More

I would just like to add a reading recommendation from this prompts posts. Snake and Charmer – oh my, I love their relationship so much. This post by Charmer give you a little snippet in to what they are like.

The new prompt of Longing will be open tomorrow. I look forward to your Thoughts or Fiction on the topic 😉 May More

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