Tickle Prompt #162

My Author Name is Jenna Kirkpatrick and I blog at Raspberry Ripples (named after my nipples).

My boyfriend Ben and I published two literotica novellas at the end of July and then decided to set up our site on WordPress on 1st August 2020 in order to promote them. But since we started out we have been inspired by other bloggers and all the memes and prompts out there to write more and more erotic fantasy fiction and poetry, along with personal accounts. So far….we are loving our site. It’s bringing a little extra spice to our own sex life as we talk about and explore ideas.

May asked me what my first ever memory was. My first ever memory was being kicked by a little creature sitting next to me in the back of the car. I was around three years of age, and the little creature was a baby just a few months old. That really is my first ever memory. I vividly remember feeling annoyed that someone was kicking me. My first pleasant memory is baking with my mom. I loved helping her in the kitchen.

Prompt #162 ~ TICKLE by Jenna Kirkpatrick & Ben

There are two reasons we chose this theme. The first is that I have recently discovered I have a fondness for “Slap & Tickle” style stories and poetry. I had no idea until I started this blog how fun it would be to take on a comic “Slap & Tickle” style. I would love to see other creative writers try to write a story or poem in this style.

The second reason why we chose “TICKLE” is that tickling is a regular part of our life together. I am ticklish, but Ben. Wow! He squeals like a little piglet when I tickle him. Especially erotic tickling is something we both love. Ben brings a lot of comedy to the bedroom and we have a lot of fun. He also knows that I love his attention to my breasts and nipples. Ben tickling my nipples is always going to lead to a lively night between us.

What about you?

  • Is tickling a part of your relationship?
  • Where do you like to be tickled and teased?
  • Do you or your lover bring any comedy to the bedroom?

We are looking forward to sharing some giggles with all of you this month. It would be great to see some creative stories or poems written in a “Slap & Tickle” style. We are also eager to be titillated by tales of tickling and teasing. We are sure that it is not only Ben who brings laughter and giggles to the bedroom, and we can’t wait to hear of your carnal comic capers.

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5 thoughts on “Tickle Prompt #162”

  1. I am very sensitive and my tickling reaction is always too violent. If someone decides to continue the answer may be inadequate. That’s why I don’t like tickling.

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