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Lest we forget RoundUp ~ Spotlight #161

I found the entries for the Lest We Forget Prompt absorbing. All the war stories told, be they fiction or non-fiction, touched me.

In my eyes it is a topic that should be discussed more or at least remembered. I would never promote war but our ancestors gave their lives or broke their spirits attempting to make the future a better one for us. That matters…

It was very difficult to choose but I have three for the Lest We Forget Roundup – even though they were all amazing entries…

Lest We Forget Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

Marie Rebelle

Marie covers so much in her post. From her own army training, family who died at war and also reflects on why it is important to remember not only those that lost their lives but also the horrors of war.

No one should forget the horrors of war, and I truly believe everyone should visit a war museum at least once. It’s no replacement for having lived the horrors of war, but it gives us a bit of understanding what our ancestors went through; how they fought for our freedom.

Liz Black

This post from Liz really made me think. She mentions learning about WW2 in school, realising that her generation have known nothing but prosperity, and also being concerned about the current rumble of unrest throughout the world.

I’m aware of the horrors of war. I’ve seen the movies, read the books and visited the museums. The way things are going at the moment, I think I’ll have to agree with my husband’s late grandmother. She said every generation will see war, either between countries or a civil war.

His Lordship

This is an exceptional piece of fiction from HL. Creating these characters in such a back drop and building a haunting story-line, well, the post just blew me away. You have to read it!

With shovels in hand they braced for the attack, and then they heard the hissing sound. Without a word they panicked and tried vainly to turn in the tunnel to escape. They pushed and twisted against the tunnel wall that seemed to heave a mighty breath.


Thank you to every one for joining in and look out for a new prompt post – Tickle from Jenna Kirkpatrick of Raspberry Ripples coming tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Lest we forget RoundUp ~ Spotlight #161”

  1. Thank you so much for the spotlight 😄

    HL’s story is extremely intimate and truly shows the horrors of war, mixed with love that must have been there too.

    I loved Marie’s post and I was actually inspired by it to write my own post.

    My husband said: ‘Oh, right, from when you were in the South African army too’ 🤣(I wasn’t 😝)

    Thanks for the prompt 😊

  2. Aww May, I am so happy to see I have made the roundup, especially as this is such an important subject, and very near to my heart. Thank you for giving us a place to share our thoughts on ‘Lest we forget’ 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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