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Haunted RoundUp ~ Spotlight #160

Haunted Roundup by Sass c

I had the extremely difficult task of doing the haunted roundup. There were so many posts that I enjoyed reading and I found myself going back and forth trying to decide which posts to choose.

It was interesting to learn about the things that haunt you and fun to read the haunting tales that were crafted. Thank you all for linking up. Each post had something memorable that I got from it, so I think that means you all win. 🙂

Spotlight Choices

But I must choose a top three, so these are my picks:

SwirlingFire – The Sadist and the Fawn

This post has stayed in my head since the moment I read it. I guess you can say the poem haunted me. The metaphors used to create these images of how one processes rape and abuse were so powerful. After letting it marinate in my head for a few days, I really don’t know what to say. I’m at a loss for words, as the emotions it stirred up took my breath away.

The Beast sleeps without conscience

It’s her fault

She’s the one he blames.


It’s such a hard topic to talk about. It’s rather taboo, but I appreciate the rawness of Swirly’s poem. The aftermath seems to haunt survivors…hopefully, it’s not for life.

Life of A Kinky Wife – To Have and To Haunt

This was a fictional piece, but it definitely haunted me. As I was reading it, I had a feeling that the wife wasn’t really there. But like in the story, as I read on, the sex scenes quickly distracted me from that gut feeling.

He feels her hands clasp his shoulder and looks down to see her delicate fingers kneading gently. When he looks at her reflection in the mirror, he gasps…


Mrs. K has a way with words and crafted the story quite well. It’s sad and haunting, but a brilliant piece. I still can’t get the image it left out of my head and it’s an image that gives me the chills.

Submissy – Haunted by You

How could I not choose this one? It was so different. There was nothing scary, nothing eerie about it, yet she conveyed the feeling of being haunted. It’s a bit hard to describe, but it seemed like Submissy was trying to convey lingering memories with a certain someone triggered by her senses. In this instance, it was the sense of smell.

My fingers trace the length of your cock, enjoying the silk of your skin as I hear your gasp of breath. I luxuriate in you, becoming slowly lost.


We get to see these erotic memories through her eyes. And she writes with such passion that it bleeds through the page.

I can feel you so so vividly that it surprises me when I find myself alone.

This line sums up that haunted feeling. It’s not a ‘bad’ type of being haunted, but one where past memories are kept alive. 

Sass c – The sassy sub daily

Many thanks to sass c for choosing the Haunted prompt and indeed this roundup.

Find out more about sass c on her excellent site – The sassy sub daily. And a really interesting interview from Posy.

Reading recommendation from May More

I would just like to add a reading recommendation from this prompts posts. Jenna – over on Raspberry Ripples – wrote a very touching article about how loneliness can haunt you. Definitely worth a read…

The new prompt of Lest we Forget will be open tomorrow. I look forward to your Thoughts or Fiction on the topic 😉 May More

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