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Haunted Prompt #160

Haunted #160  by sass c of the sassy sub daily.

Who is sass c? Well, I am a thirty something Japanese American submissive woman.

Ghosts and monsters seem to haunt us all.

Prompt #160 ~ Haunted by sass c

Perhaps, you were scared of the monster hiding under your bed or of the ghosts that haunted that abandoned old house down the street. Maybe as an adult these ghosts and monsters have come to life in the form of regrets, tragedy or embarrassing moments that haunt you.

With Halloween/Dia de Los Muertos coming up, share with us a chilling tale or share about what haunts you the most.

There are many ways to interpret this prompt, but here are a few questions to get you thinking:

  • Was there a moment that scarred you for life? Perhaps, your parents caught you having sex or maybe you walked in on them.
  • Have you witnessed something that gave you nightmares?
  • Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen/felt one? Or do you believe your house is haunted?
  • Maybe share with us a fictional piece about paranormal activity.
  • Are there things that you regret so much that they continue to keep you up at night? Or maybe you’ve endured tragedy that you never seem to put behind you.
  • How about a haunting image?

If you get stuck, don’t feel haunted by the questions and feel free to run with it however you may like. I look forward to reading your posts and will be back to choose the round up. sass c

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