About me RoundUp ~ Spotlight #159

Sometimes when I first go to a blog I forget to check out the about me page so I really enjoyed reading all of yours over the last two weeks. I found three that I want to share in this roundup that stood out for different reasons. Here they are.

About Me Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

Kristan X

I am going to start with this page from Kristan X from Lascivity. His about me page is very comprehensive but not overly wordy. You gain a lot of information about who he is and what his blog is all about in a short space. Also the image at the top is a little bit special.

I started writing porn because what I found online didn’t speak to me. Words and ideas turn me on more than anything else, but I couldn’t find erotica that wasn’t juvenile, unrealistic, or grossly unappealing. So I decided to write some.


I will add Kristan certainly can write. If you don’t know his blog and like intelligent smut, pop on over.

Barefoot Sub

If all I saw when I went to Barefoot sub’s About Me page was the header image I may still have been impressed. It is a fabulous photo. But she follows that up very succinctly by telling the reader who she is, including various links so we can find our way around her blog.

Not only am I a mum, submissive, friend and daughter, I am a runner. A relatively new realisation for me, speed not being my forte, but… I run, therefore I am a runner! There are a great deal of other things that float my boat, but running is my preferred way to spend ‘normal’ me-time. Writing is also a big part of my life


She finishes her about me page with that much needed date, so we know when the page was written or updated.

ML Slave Puppet

Ml Slave’s About Me page stood out for me as she herself lives quite a unique life as a slave. She explains how she became a slave and why she chooses to keep a journal style blog.

I started out in this lifestyle looking for something I knew felt right but was reluctant to admit. I have had submissive desires for as long as I can remember and it subtly shines through in my personality in daily life. An online Mistress (Lois) trained me for two years, during which I was able to accept myself. I identify as a slave, which means that in a dynamic I choose to submit once and every act of submission thereafter comes naturally. Kink is my lifestyle and being a slave is an integral part of my identity.


ML also includes a very captivating image

Recommended 4 About Me Roundup

To end I am being a little cheeky as I want to recommend the Blogable Club About Me page. If you have not checked out this website I urge you to take a look. It is a joint project between me, Marie and Missy. We have put together a free members area where you can learn about different aspects of blogging and writing and also contribute what you know. Follow us on Twitter too.

Thank you to every one for joining in and look out for a new prompt post – Haunted from Sass c.

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