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Teachers RoundUp ~ Spotlight #157

I really loved all the posts about teachers. So many thought provoking words and some sexy posts too. I have once again had trouble choosing. Eventually I got my list down to four. That was not easy…

Teachers Roundup ~ Spotlight Choices

I am going to start with this post from Mrs Jones. She writes about being a teacher and how many students have discussed with her the amount of dick pics they receive on a regular basis.

When they identify a female name they introduce themselves in a way that whole heartedly confirms that we are descended from apes. They drop their pants, take out their phones and send a photo of their penis. A student told me recently that she receives somewhere around 3 – 4 unsolicited dick pics from boys that she doesn’t know per week!


As soon as I read this post from Snake Charmer I knew it would be in my teachers roundup. Charmer very concisely points out what attributes make a good teacher. And I am very much in agreement with her.

Why were they amazing? They made the world bigger and yet less scary. They opened up doors to thoughts and learning styles that engaged and challenged the students… I guess to me, at least, in order to be a great teacher, you need to expand the student’s world in some way. Not an easy thing to do, but when it happens, it is magical.


This post from Mrs K looks back on her memories of a particular professor and how she found herself attracted to his charms. I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil your entertainment, you should certainly read what happened.

His eyes landed on me and stayed there. He finished the last three minutes of his lecture focused directly on me. At first, I thought maybe he was looking behind me, but there was no one there. Having his eyes trained on me caused the squirming to almost become convulsions. I couldn’t clear my head and I was barely breathing, although the pull of each breath sounded like a tidal wave in my ears. I felt the flush grow up my neck and fill my face, and yet, he continued to stare.


Recommended Reading

To end I have a reading recommendation for you from Meaghan Ward. I love it when bloggers write fiction for the meme. I read this extremely hot tale early one morning and just want to say more please Meaghan ;-).

Thank you to every one for joining in and look out for tomorrow’s prompt post – Kink vs Fetish from Scottish Lass.

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