kink vs fetish roundup

Kink Vs Fetish RoundUp ~ Spotlight #158

Kink Vs Fetish Roundup by Scottish Lass

Wow, you guys took my prompt and ran with it didn’t you. I love all you saucy peeps! You are my kinda people.

I really enjoyed learning about how your kinks and fetishes play a part in your day to day lives, not just in the bedroom and I’ve learned some new things too along the way.

Spotlight Choices

So let’s get into my top 3 (though I enjoyed all the posts).

Sass C – I Have Kinks, But I Am Also A Fetish

This post opened my eyes. I’m still relatively new to the BDSM world (almost a year) and am still learning about kinks and fetishes myself. I didn’t realise race fetish was a thing, and while I can see that a person might be attracted to one type more that another, fetishising a race of people can actually be quite degrading, and not in a way they can consent to.

β€œAn Asian fetish or really any fetish involving race, no longer sees us as individuals. It reduces us down to the stereotypical views about our race.” READ MORE …

While I’m glad she is with a partner who let’s her explore her submissive side, I’m also glad that they don’t put this down to her race and celebrate her as a person and a submissive. Thank you also for the mini history lesson in your post too. As well as opening my eyes to something I had no clue about.

Posy Churchgate – Being a Bitch is my Kink

I love how her dressing up kink taps into this other persona.

“When I’m dressed up in all the gear, for photos or for intimate moments, a different facet of my personality is unleashed, or given free rein. I am, however, no sadist, I enjoy the power and the element of surprise and having control, but without taking it down the routes of pain or punishment.” READ MORE …

She’s well on her way to creating an OC with her kink and her tying it in with a song is just awesome. It’s now on my “bad bitch” playlist so thanks for that too.

May More for SwingTowns Open Library ~ Public Fetish, Private Kink

Oh my word! I had to take a moment after reading this one as it was by the most delicious thing I have read in a while. I love love love that their partner was so into for filling a fantasy of theirs. And it was done with such planning and forethought that is sounded both kinky and sensual in equal measure. This had me though …

To finally get to play out my off beat fantasy was truly liberating. My self-esteem grew in the knowledge that my partner accepted my sexual choices – my wants were no longer being frowned upon.READ MORE …

As someone who has had all previous partners judge me for my biggest fantasy (CNC), this made my heart so happy. I’m glad you got to have that experience and your partner sounds like he would be game for a fantastic sex life with you.

KEY ~ CNC – consensual non-consent. OC – original character.

Many thanks to Scottish Lass for the wonderful kink vs fetish roundup. I was chuffed to be included πŸ˜‰ .

Find out more about Scottish Lass on her fab blog – Sex and Spanx. And a really interesting interview from Posy will spill the beans about this great blogger.

The new prompt of About Me is actually about you and will be open tomorrow. I look forward to your Thoughts or Fiction on the topic πŸ˜‰ May More

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  1. Wonderful round-up. I did not expect my piece to be chosen, but I did hope to introduce a few people to the awesome song I featured – so I got a result there Scottish Lass! (thank you)

    Great prompt which sparked some seriously interesting posts.

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