Liberty roundup #155

Liberty RoundUp ~ Spotlight #155

I mentioned in a few tweets how good the posts were for this prompt and I meant it. Truly thought provoking, which I love as this is the thinking meme.

Liberty Roundup

Many of you wrote from the heart. It felt like you bared your souls with the honesty that was shinning through. And I have pondered over who to put in the spotlight.

Choosing has been a task! A good one but I have found I need to mention more than I am supposed to. But it is my meme (thank you Kilted Wookie) so I can break the rules. πŸ˜‰

Spotlight Choices

This post from Liz Black had me chatting back to her (the screen) as I read. Liz talks about when you really need a break it is important to do something that will completely take you away from what ever has been stressing you.

“After three days of incessant gaming, our primary stressor was solved, and I got fed up with the Sims. This is something I’ve learned over time. I can dedicate days to my video games, in the end, I’ll get bored, and I’ll want to come back to writing. And the best part is, I’ll actually be motivated to write again.” READ MORE…

I didn’t know I was going to pick this post for the liberty roundup until today and then I just could not deny it. It is fiction – always thrilled to get fiction for the meme. But it is the way Devie sets the story out that wowed me. It has a content warning.

“My name is Liberty. I was born three weeks after my parents had arrived in the land of the free. Coming from a war-torn country with little access to education, work or health-care, my parents had taken the journey around the globe to start a new life. When they had finally arrived, they were living in the cellar of a Mexican family who helped illegals like them to a safer place. That is where I was born. My mother named me Liberty because she thought that is what we were all going to get in this new country. A life free of oppression and fear. A life filled with opportunities.” READ MORE…

Swirly does something with her prose that is very powerful. I cannot put my finger on it but so much of this poem explodes as you read. I hear and understand. Not only that I applaud Swirly for taking the time to piece her thoughts together for us to read.

“the world your throne
Others’ views regurgitated as your own
Self awareness thin
You callously mimic ways
Chameleon camouflaged praise
Leave brains confused.
Dazed.” READ MORE…


I also have a reading recommendation for you from Sweetgirl. A post that is all about self awareness really. I also want to welcome Jenna from Raspberry Ripples. Her post captivated me.

Thank you to every one for joining in and look out for tomorrow’s prompt post from Kinky wife.

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