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Defining Moment RoundUp ~ Spotlight #156

Defining Moment Roundup by Mrs K

Thank you for all the great entries for the Defining Moment prompt. You all sure know how to write for your audience.

It can be taxing writing about such personal experiences and the variety of posts made it extremely difficult to limit my choice to just 3 for the defining moment roundup. But alas, those are the rules. So, without further ado…

Spotlight Choices

A Leap of Faith-Open Your Eyes and Realise

In this post, Barefoot talks about realisation that while she is into pain and submission, she is not a masochistic submissive, but rather a submissive masochist. While she enjoys the power exchange, it must be with the right person. This brought her peace of mind in relation to her kinks and helped her realise what she needed. An interesting and enlightening read.

“I can’t call you that, I wouldn’t mean it and I don’t say things I don’t mean.” I remember watching him inhale deeply, digesting what he was hearing. It was then that we both realised we had missed this part out of our discussions, and I would not budge.” READ MORE…

Submissy-Limits, Boundaries and Submission

This post from Missy discusses hers and HL’s first weekend away to join another couple for play. Missy goes on to talk about how when entering her submissive headspace, her mind allows her to push her fears aside and let HL take her where she wanted (needed?) to be. It takes a huge amount of trust and respect to let your boundaries waver for the joy of your partner, as well as to play in front of others. This is a huge defining moment and I’m thrilled she shared it with us.

“I am very good at wriggling out of things and I can usually get out of most things which push against my limits and boundaries. D/s should stop this, but sometimes I manipulate the situation to get around HL. If he lays it on the line and challenges me on it, I will usually back down. I understand why he doesn’t always want to do this but really, it is what I need. The fact that I back down shows that really I wanted to do the thing, I am just scared.” READ MORE…

Ranting of A Non-Sensical Mind-Nobody Knows

Jae’s post is not about D/s but about Lost Love. I think most of us have a love that “got away” and I think it’s beautiful that even though her heart was broken she is still able to talk about him in such high regard and with so much passion. Not all of our defining moments are positive for us, but if we let them, they can all be meaningful. A sad but powerful post.

“Many years have since passed and we still talk, not as often, but he keeps tabs on me. I don’t recall how the conversation began or when it happened to be exact, but he has made the sentiment clear. If he could go back and do it over he would have never let me go.” READ MORE…

I couldn’t not talk about this post. So, as a …

Special Mention:

May More-My Past Should Remind Me but Not Define Me

The title of this post says it all. I love stories about the survivors and those that refuse to give up. This post is about how she overcame past abuse and a learning setback but has used those experiences to better herself. The world need more stories like this as reminders that you can knock us down, but we will never stay there.

“Not letting your past or other peoples opinions define you is an important element of growing up. Throwing away the ‘I am a victim,’ mentality. Sometimes it can be challenging for sure.” READ MORE…

More than one…

A shout out to our Hostess for giving us a place to share these moments and also to those who submitted more than on entry.

-May More

-Posy Churchgate (1 of her amazing stories and 1 guest post)

-Kinky Katie

and last but not least

-A Leap of Faith

Wonderful defining moment roundup from Mrs K and I think it was obvious that many of you really did put your thinking hats on for her prompt.

Find out more about Mrs K on her wonderful blog – Life of a Kinky Wife. And over on Posy’s blog where Mrs K was recently interviewed

The new prompt of Teachers will be open tomorrow. I look forward to your Thoughts or Fiction on the topic 😉 May More

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  1. What a great round up – wonderful submissions linking up, I agree. Thanks to Mrs K for her interview (on my blog) and her considered judging for this prompt. How delightful that I got a mention – thanks!

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