The Gaze roundup spotlight 154

The Gaze RoundUp ~ Spotlight #154

Excuse me, baby, I don’t mean to be rude

But I guess tonight I’m just not, I’m just not in the mood

So if you don’t mind, I would like to… watch

Prince, Alphabet Street

The Gaze RoundUp by CharlieX

Can anyone else imagine Prince sitting in front of them, eyebrow arched salaciously as he looks straight into you, waiting expectantly for you to start touching yourself? Just me? Okay, well, welcome to my spank bank and if you’re unconvinced by the seductive power of Prince’s eyebrow acting then I invite you to watch “Under The Cherry Moon”. Just don’t blame me when the film has its wicked way with you and you have to start smoking so you can enjoy a post-coital cigarette.

Good day, and welcome to my round-up of your entries for – “The gaze in sex or kink”. And my word, you have been busy! There were so many amazing entries, from the beautifully filthy to the bum-spankingly honest, and I really do want to thank you all for taking the time to participate. You’re all lovely and I’d totally put you in my spank bank if it wasn’t already full of images of Prince wearing fishnets and YSL’s “Libre”.

So without any more of my unnecessarily protracted waffling, I’d like to talk about my favourite three in no particular order except that the last one is absolutely my favourite 😉

Spotlight choices ~ The Gaze RoundUp

First up is Kinky Katie’s “Would anyone like to watch?”. I loved everything about it, from the sensible project management of how she meets up with her Dom (good project management is always sexy, don’t @ me) to the thrilling candaulism of her encounter with room service:

“My lover hopped up and pulled the corner of the sheet just over my sex, but leaving me otherwise bound and naked, and with the toy audibly buzzing inside me.  I panicked but could not utter a word. “

Next up in my threesome is Deviant Succubus’ “Voyeurism – Not for Me”. I read it, then I just went back and read it again. It’s searingly honest and I love the way she talks about how awkward she felt in the proximity of exhibitionists. She also identifies the paradox in finding all of the exhibitionism non-sexual and off-putting, but then also desires it in the form of erotic humiliation. It’s great writing so please take a moment to appreciate it:

“I do like objectification when it is consensual with a partner, and I do like when he points out to me that I am a sexual object to others. I also fantasize about my Master presenting me to others, or using me in front of others, or even making me have sex with others.”

And so finally we come to my favourite, from Liz BlackX (no relation), “My Conflicted Feelings on Looking at Real-Life Sex” which I would have to say is such a great title that it could have been a Smiths song. And the reason I like it so much is this following quote, which as I remarked on her post, is the best worst thing I have ever read:

“First of all, I can’t look at myself while I’m having sex … I think part of it is because I resemble my mother a lot, so it’s sort of looking at my mother doing perverted things. I mean activities like being tied up or whipped and that’s just…wrong.”

And there you have it! Thank you once again to everyone that entered, I hope you had fun and took something from everyone else’s entries. Thanks also to everyone involved in the organising, from the prompt to the interviews, and I’ll see you soon, maybe in a hotel lobby, mastubating with a magazine…

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