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Confidence RoundUp ~ Spotlight #153

I was thrilled to have eighteen posts linked to the confidence prompt. I do think confidence is a topic never far from our minds.

Confidence Roundup

Many of you wrote a combined post with the Tell me About prompt of labels – a fascinating topic, making for such interesting reading.

Thank you to MLSlavePuppet and Kinky Wife who entered two posts – If you have them on your blog and they match the prompt then please go ahead and link them. And remember images are welcome too.

Choosing the confidence roundup posts was always going to be a challenge this period. But after reading them all and glancing back over them a second time these three entries really stuck in my mind. In no particular order…

Spotlight Choices

This post from Jae Lynn is packed with provoking notions to get you thinking. From labels you may grow out of to how inexperience can affect confidence levels.

“Whatever labels I chose to use shouldn’t affect the person I am deep down. The labels do affect how others view me, but I’ve learned that I can’t control that. As long as I’m confident with who I am and what I can give to others the label shouldn’t matter.” READ MORE…

I have to admit as soon as I had finished reading Mrs Jone’s post I knew then it would be in my top three. She talked about something I really resonated with – The ridiculous. You must read her post to see in which context she applied this.

“Ridiculous happens when you are relaxed and open to what is happening around you. When you have ensured that the right people are in the room and you can relax and enjoy yourself. When you are not worrying about making someone else happy or making allowances.” READ MORE…

A few lines in this post by Barefoot Sub hit me between the eyes. Independence is a wonderful thing but for it really to matter, for it really to be true it must be on your own terms. This can be applied to so many different situations in a person life.

“It is easy to build walls to hide behind, and masquerade as strong, independent and bloody minded. I see that in some of my friends now, and I recognise it in the me of 6 years ago. But what happens if you allow yourself to be vulnerable. I mean truly vulnerable. To cut yourself wide open and set yourself free under the watchful gaze of someone who understands how fragile that strength is and will do everything in their power to nurture that and keep it, and you, safe.” READ MORE…

And just one last reading recommendation in this confidence roundup. This meme would not even be here if it wasn’t for Kilted Wookie. You can check out why here. He has had a break but is back again and has linked to the meme. Go and take a look. I can not promise kilt images – but maybe soon 😉

Thank you to every one for joining in and a particular thank you to Kinky wife for use of her image. Tomorrow the new prompt will be live and hosted by CharlieX.

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