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Shining a Light on 4Thoughts or Fiction Meme

Since going solo with the meme a few months ago I have been so appreciative of the support it has received. The meme has been blessed with a lovely lot of posts each period. Thank you to ALL the bloggers who have linked up.

I have been thinking about the 4Thoughts or Fiction meme and wanted to write a post explaining a little more about what the meme is currently about.

Firstly, I want to carry on the great work that Kilted Wookie started way back when. An addition of mine was putting fiction on the table. I am passionate about writing stories so want to read yours.

The meme does not have many rules – older posts welcome and you can link up more than once. But, in keeping with the original template, please make sure you stick – however loosely – to the prompt.

Shine a light on New Bloggers

Another innovation on the 4thoughts or fiction meme is every month an enthusiastic, talented new blogger has the chance to take the reins and run the meme. Their blog can not be more than a year old as I want to give them a platform to promote themselves from.

The blogger gets to choose the topic. Write the prompt post, where they can include details about themselves and their work – and also to pick the 4thoughts roundup.

While their fortnight in the spotlight is live Posy Churchgate publishes an interview with the blogger. So we can all learn more about them.

Going Well So Far

This has all been going swimmingly well so far. Here is a menu for you 😉

  • We started with the creative MLSlavePuppet last month. She choose the prompt of Intimacies of body language. Loads of lovely entries linked up and I know ML had trouble choosing the roundup.
  • Currently we have the expressive CharlieX and his prompt of “The Gaze” in sex or kink. We are half way through and already have some terrific posts.
  • Next month 4Thoughts will have the eloquent Kinky Wife at the helm. I am really looking forward to her post on the topic of a Defining Moment. Get your thinking hats on 😉
  • In September we will be featuring the effervescent Scottish Lass.
  • And in October he astute blogger know as Sass C will be hosting the meme.
  • Then we have November and – let’s wait and see who will be in the hot seat – it could be you 😉

If you are not yet aware of these bloggers check them out – they are GOOD!

Other Stuff

In between each new blogger I host the 4thoughts of fiction meme prompt and roundup. Although always welcome ideas of what you the reader or writer thinks will make for an interesting topic. Get in touch if you have any thoughts.


I just want to mention a couple of posts that did not make the roundups so far but impressed me.

  • This short but brilliant post from Eve really resonated with me as to how I felt about sex and body matters over the lockdown.
  • A guest post on my own site, by an anon writer, looking back on life and wondering if they should have played it differently. The writer captures that moment so well.

If you have not linked up yet to “The Gaze” take a look. It can be teamed up with the latest prompt of voyeurism over on TellMeAbout. Check out the site as they have recently added lots of new projects for bloggers to get involved with.

And one last thing – Kilted Wookie has taken over an older, ongoing meme. The penis project – I am just editing my post for it today.

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  1. This is proving to be a lot of fun! Loved both the additional posts you flagged up, they impressed me too, particularly Eve’s.
    Just checking out the Penis Project now – good to see KW back in circulation.

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