Intimacies of body language

Intimacies of body language Prompt #152

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Hello, ML here! I write a blog about my journey of becoming a slave, which features tasks, fun sessions, punishments, my experience of joining the local kink community and erotic photography.Β 

As a child I remember seeing Jack Sparrow tied to a pole which was carried by his captors so that he was dangling horizontally, as if he were a skewer ready to be barbecued. I remember thinking I wish I was tied to a pole like that. That’s how kinky I’ve always been πŸ˜‰  

Prompt #152 ~ The intimacies of body language

Sex, dinner for two, a quiet walk with a friend. Body language is what makes these experiences truly intimate. 

While you’re likely to talk during dinner, it’s not often necessary for partners to communicate with words. The more time you spend with someone the more adept you grow at reading their body language. Even close friends don’t always have to communicate with words; we instinctively start to know when someone means a certain thing.  

Intimacy can be communicated through body language. This may be a touch of the hand or a tender kiss on the cheek. We show each other rather than necessarily having to speak it out loud. 

In D/s relationships, body language takes on an even more important role. As a submissive you might recognise a change in your partners demeanor if you’ve broken a rule. As a dominant, you may notice a change in responsiveness during a scene, indicating that you’re coming closer to their limits. 

Intimacies of body language

For inspiration purposes, consider the following questions:

  • What role does body language play in your relationship (romantically, kink, friendship)
  • Are there certain types of body language your partner uses that you pick up on during sex, on a date or simply when you’re walking on the street? And how do you read your partner’s body language? 
  • Is there any kind of information you don’t have to speak out loud but can communicate with your partner or friends through your body language? Or do you find that body language isn’t enough and you need words for communication?

Go on, expose yourself!

OR – Why not use the prompt – Intimacies of body language -to inspire some fiction…

I can’t wait to read about your intimacies. In return, I promise I’ll share something too. Without any further ado, please get writing!

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