Forgiveness roundup #151

Forgiveness RoundUp ~ Spotlight #151

The new format 4thoughts or Fiction got off to a great start and I was so impressed with the content of all the posts.

Forgiveness Roundup

Forgiveness is a very personal topic. Indeed, so personal that as I have been feeling emotional lately I choose to write fiction for my entry. Although I did host a wonderful guest post from Mr Anon. All about when he once crossed the line and had to deal with the consequences.

So, on to the three spotlight posts. I had a hard task on my hands as so many of the entries moved me deeply. Extraordinary true tales, musings and advice were shared. But I finally settled on three spotlight posts and a recommended reading entry too 😉 It is my meme, I can do that 😉

Spotlight Choices

In no particular order… 4 the Forgiveness Roundup

From the moment I read the post from Scottish Lass I knew it would probably feature in my roundup. She mentions how difficult her year has been and then writes a letter to her ex to attempt some kind of closure on their past relationship.

“I forgive you D cause you leaving, opened the path for me to find something special. I have found the one who deserves me. The one who doesn’t pull away from me to “teach me a lesson”. I have found the one I can be myself with in ways you never got to know me. I have found the love that they sing about in songs, that they write about in poems, that they warn you about in Sunday school.” READ MORE…

The next spotlight post from Sassy Sub Daily has a content warning – this post contains graphic nature and references to rape. She talks about healing from trauma and forgiving both sides. Reading the post was an emotional ride for me.

I had been angry at him for so long. I had harbored bitterness and resentment. It had made me become this person who was hard to be around. I would constantly think about how he needed to pay for raping and abusing me. Anger and bitterness can turn you into a cold person. It eats at you. Staying angry would have been easy, but forgiving him took a lot of strength. READ MORE…

The Third spotlight post is another one I can’t forget. Kinky Wife takes us on a sometimes heart-braking journey of her younger life and learning how to forgive while still understanding the importance of not forgetting.

“My journey through life became hard, and an everyday battle. Depression became my friend and each day led to another year where I hated myself, I hated life and I hated her. How dare she bring people into this world and not take care of them. How dare she not love me the way she should have, and if she didn’t love me, was I even loveable? And after all of this, how could she leave ?I didn’t want her to be part of my life, but I was infuriated that she left me all the same.” READ MORE…

And finally in the forgiveness roundup, just a little recommendation for those of you who struggle to forgive. Lix Black’s postAll will be forgiven or will it?

I want to say a massive thank you to all those who joined in with the first new format 4Thoughts or Fiction. Tomorrow the new prompt of Intimacies of Body Language will be hosted by MLSlave – the first of the new bloggers to take the helm.

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