Body Language RoundUp #152

Body Language RoundUp ~ Spotlight #152

4Thoughts or Fiction received 16 link ups for my prompt – the intimacies of body language.

Body LAnguage Roundup

Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and stories on body language. I am fascinated by it and feel honoured to have been given a glimpse into your lives like that (as well as the fictional portrayals!) And if you want to know a little more about who I am please check out the interview I gave to Posy Churchgate last week.

I found it very difficult simply picking three entries to put in the spotlight. But after some deliberation here they are…

Spotlight Choices

In no particular order… 4 the Body Language Roundup

Sassy Sub Daily ~ In this post, she studies the body language of her lover in search of the answer whether lover loves her. It feels very intimate and real. Her account tells us that body language can show us almost everything, but perhaps not quite what she was after? 

“when I walk into the room, his lip curls up which shows me that he’s happy […] but it doesn’t tell me the one thing I want to know.” READ MORE…

Brigit Delaney ~ Brigit’s story portrays the feelings and moods of the characters perfectly through showing body language, without having to state anything else for us to understand. It’s a beautiful representation of an intimate scene between two partners.

“She noticed a little twitch at the corner of his left eye, as he pressed his lips together and breathed in, letting the air out in a long, drawn out sigh. That twitch told her a lot, and she tucked it away.” READ MORE…

Marie Rebelle ~ Marie writes about how in tune she is with Master T and the way it reads to me, I imagine her observing him from across the room. She reads him through body language and he can read her too. She reflects that expressing themselves through their body language does more than saying the words ‘I love you.’

“I do look at him and see… him looking at me with a — what I call — ‘dark’ expression, and I know he’s in pain.” READ MORE…

And finally, as a bit of extra recommended reading, Deviant Succubus gives a very detailed, insightful and apt post explaining body language and how it works in her dynamic.

Thank you to Submissy and His Lordship for the header image.

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